The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn

The twilight saga is back with breaking dawn the fourth book in the series going the route of Harry Potter being split into two parts. This could be seen as a good way to keep it on for longer but with the inability of the series to really blow up outside the United States as much as in it, I’ll just call it a marketing strategy to make a few extra bucks before they close up shop.


Since the film is based on a book I’ve read, I’m going to base my rating half on the adaptation and half on the depth of it. On the basis of adaptation they definitely adapt the twilight films a lot better than other book series almost to the letter; this could be attributed to good script writing but I attribute it to the basic nature of the books in the first place hence on depth I’m going to say the plot just seems inadequate and the production though quite accurate could have been made more audience friendly.


Bella Swan played by Kirsten Stewart

I’ve always been of the opinion that the character Bella needs a lot of psychological help. To me she must have watched a lot of Buffy the vampire slayer while growing up and fallen in love with the notion of human-vampire relationships. There is no rationalization to her actions or decisions and the only reason she gets a pass is because it’s a movie. On the other hand Kirsten Stewart falls into the role with such finesse it seems it was written specifically for her; her quirks and attitudes just seem perfect for the character and attributes of Bella from the books.

Edward Cullen played by Robert Pattinson

Edward is back as Mr Reasonable who can’t help but love Ms Unreasonable and support her in all her unreasonableness!!! This is another quirky unique character which Robert Pattinson plays like a pro. He’s weird, strange and all the girls love him which still baffles me but he’s acting is done so passionately and he effectively portrays the message of the frustrated lover of an unreasonable teenage girl.

Jacob Black played by Taylor Lautner

Jacob is the jealous other guy throughout this movie (at the end when he imprints on Bella’s daughter) who feels quite comfortable blaming Edward for all Bella’s unreasonable decisions. To him it’s all Edward’s fault she can’t see beyond him; he’s bewitched her! So he plays the guy who lost out on the girl well by holding a grudge, having the required amount of acting out and making decisions to help out of love for her. For a young actor I respect Taylor’s work ethic and the lengths he’s gone to portray the character of Jacob; kudos to him.

Supporting Cast

There are various supporting cast in this movie that make the movie what it is, notable mentions include: Peter Facinelli as Carlisle Cullen, Ashley Greene as Alice Cullen, Billy Burke as Charlie Swan, Chaske Spencer as Sam Uley, with Julia Jones and Booboo Stewart as Leah and Seth Clearwater respectively.

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