Jack and Jill

Comedy man Adam Sandler is back and going the Big Momma/Madea route playing not jut him but his twin sister.

As usual Mr Sandler’s movies lean towards the silly but this one is extremely silly, corny and boorish; not that I wasn’t half expecting this from the synopsis but you can never really be sure until you watch the film. I almost wish I didn’t waste the effort.

[toggle title=”Plot/Production“]As a comedy, no major production is expected so I’m not going to fault them on this but as for plot, it all seems utterly erratic, half-baked and generally trivial. There were some nice moments with the kids but Al Pacino and Adam were almost too much to bear. Come on![/toggle]

[toggle title=”Cast“]Jack and Jill Sadelstein played by Adam Sandler

It’s always funny to see someone act two roles and banter with him/herself (I always attribute it to a cousin of mine who could spend hours in front of the mirror trying out acting skills). That said, even though the movie was portraying Jill as this neurotic sister who was too much to bear, I felt Jack was being too harsh and unbrotherly. There’s definitely better ways to handle such a sister but I guess they felt those ways wouldn’t be funny enough. Well this wasn’t that funny; in fact it was almost too exhausting to watch.

I give him effort for playing the two roles, switching and acting the crazy sister well, I expect more effort from him as a Hollywood veteran in deciding what next to put out there because this wasn’t one of my favourites.

Erin Sadelstein played by Katie Holmes

It does not bode well for Katie in my books that I know her more as Mrs Cruise than the actress she is. Her role here does not do anything to boost my thoughts otherwise; she comes across as the wife who says one word or two as a screen filler, there really wasn’t any substance to her role. I really hope she puts in more effort to her career as an actress to at least try and become a leading lady; I’m really not feeling her so much.

Al Pacino played by Al Pacino

I’m not so sure about Al playing a scary deranged version of himself, to be honest I don’t get it and kudos to you if you do. Did they have to use a crazy person as the character to fall in love with the crazy sister (too much crazy if I may say so)

The kids played by Edie Tougne and Rohan Chand

These two provided some comic that was a relief from the trite the Adults had been dishing. They made the movie a little more bearable even though they were already showing signs of crazy. What a family!!

Supporting Cast:

Felipe played by Eugenio Derbez stood out for me in the supporting cast not just because he ends up with the girl but because he also provided the most intelligent of all the comic released in the film (I kid, I kid). There were also a million cameo appearances from the likes of Johnny Depp to Bruce Jenner which just made me wonder what the point was.[/toggle]

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