Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

Just listening to the theme of Mission Impossible in the beginning of this movie brings back fond memories; this song just doesn’t get old!

For every Mission Impossible fan, there are three things to be eagerly expecting: the crazy stunts, the gadgets and a bulk load of fast paced action. This movie does not disappoint on any of the three.


The focus of the film is more on the action than the narrative making conversations in the film seem action packed, but in all the movie manages to keep the story flowing from scene to scene which becomes a task in such cases.[/toggle]


Ethan Hunt played by Tom Cruise

Tom is back in his element as Ethan Hunt and this time is doing all his stunts! Kudos on that to him, and putting aside the improbabilities of a lot of these action sequences, one cannot help but be amazed and entertained by his acting. He sees no obstacles but pushes on through all with the end in mind.

Jane Carter played by Paula Patton

In this age where more women are playing lead action roles, Paula fits quite well into the category of strong capable women who have one thing to their advantage, they are women hence they can seduce the rich billionaire.

William Brandt played by Jeremy Renner

For someone who was apparently very skilled as a field agent, this character William is so much of a wimp. First he quits being a field agent because one mission goes badly then he’s scared about one thing or the other all through the mission. I have to give it to Jeremy though, he’s acting of wimp and skilled agent are quite convincing.

Benji Dunn played by Simon Pegg

To me this was the breakout performance with Simon providing the audience with good bouts of laughter. At the beginning when I saw that he was now a field agent I wondered who could have made such a decision but he proved me wrong and ends up being quite a good field agent. Simon is truly turning into the seasoned funny guy.

Kurt Hendricks played by Michael Nygvist

The main antagonist of the movie, this is one scientist that truly has his head up his a** pardon my language. His motivation and determination to see his crazy vision fulfilled make him out as a true mad man. Michael plays this role almost effortlessly though even if he speaks just a couple of times throughout the film; he’s one step ahead of the IMF team even till the very last scene.

Supporting Cast

Other supporting cast sort of just breeze in out and of the main story with the standout being Vladimir Mashkov as Russian intelligence officer Anatoly Sidorov. Anil Kapoor seems to be breaking into the Hollywood market more these days too.

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