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Marvel has been whetting the appetites of fans across the globe for the last few years with release of prequel upon prequel of Superhero films leading up to ‘The Avengers’ and although the wait was long and at times annoying, one can’t help but testify that the wait was worthwhile.

Just before I continue I would like to note that I rate this movie a perfect 5.0 somewhere at the back of my mind but I’m sure technicalities and the mind of a critic will kick in as I continue to type. It sure was definitely my best cinema experience ever and it took me a couple of days to settle from my initial avengers ‘high’, so much I’m going to make an exception on my rule not to waste time watching the same movie more than once!

To all movie makers out there: please have a sit in front of the screen and take notes while watching this film and maybe you can learn a bit of the art of giving your audience a GREAT movie experience.


[toggle title=”Plot/Production“]It is a common thing for action/sci-fi/superhero films to focus on production and sequences while dishing out an average to poor plot + mediocre acting skills (even the prequels to Avengers sure had their share of that) but Avengers sure takes the game and ups it a thousand times.

I don’t know if it’s the addition of Joss Whedon as the director (he’s gave us Buffy) or the sheer determination of all parties involved but THE AVENGERS movie takes the route of skilful production, superb acting skills and a very well written script that carries even the most unwilling of audiences along.

I’m not saying it was perfect as they failed to explain how Thor arrived the scene (I seem to remember him being stuck on Asgard after the bridge got destroyed) and I felt their motivation to eventually put aside all their difference and assemble was a little off-putting as more than 80 folks had lost their lives in the hands of Loki the previous day not mentioning those that did lose their lives other than Agent Phil when the aircraft was attacked; what I’m in fact saying is that I wasn’t given time to concentrate on any of the flaws as the fun, excitement and solid performances just kept rolling on!

Sitting here tying and reminiscing on the experience is giving me goose bumps. God help me[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Cast“]

Iron Man/Tony Stark played by Robert Downey Jr

Genius, Billionaire, Playboy, Philanthropist Tony Stark resumes with his wit, crass and gadgets that you can’t just help but enjoy.

It’s fun to see him try to play well with others as he’s such a dominant character and the initial scenes show this. For all the folks that don’t know, Captain America is the head of the Avengers but Iron Man sure has stolen the spotlight off him.

Robert has always been one of my favourite actors and he sure does not disappoint here providing banter, comic and great action sequences. Absolutely Entertaining!!!


Captain America/Steve Rogers played by Chris Evans

The opposite of Iron man, he is the traditional man who is from the past and thus very out of place in the present technology advanced and morally degraded world. Captain America tries to balance himself in the new world and brings traditional values even if they are not so appreciated and make him come across as dull at times.

For the man who’s supposed to be the head of the Avengers, it’s not so hard to see why Iron man stole preference off him in the eyes of today’s audiences across the world as he’s less flashy and more of a duty bound man.

Chris plays this role well; I was expecting him to fumble a bit as from his fantastic four days, his character in the Human Torch was just like Iron man. He sure transitioned well showing good versatility.


Hulk/Dr Bruce Banner played by Mark Ruffalo

For the first time since the character of ‘The Hulk’ has been portrayed on film, the audience gets to enjoy the portrayal and balance between a persona for the Hulk and Dr Banner.

Unlike previous films where the focus is mainly on the struggle between Bruce and the Hulk (with erratic hulk expressions), here, we get a chance to know Dr Bruce as a person (his wit and swag gave Iron man a run for his money) and The Hulk is portrayed with more skill and likeability showing less erratic bursts and seeming more in control.

The Hulk was definitely the breakthrough character in this movie almost stealing the spotlight off Iron man entirely!!! It turns out Mark getting the job turned out to be the best thing for the Hulk character after all; third actor really is the charm!


Thor played by Chris Hemsworth

It’s obvious from the first scene you see Thor that he is a god as he just comes in takes Loki and does not give a hoot about taking permission or getting the opinion of the others to do so. He also feels he can fight them all if need be because he just cannot imagine any of them being a match for him! Well I guess Captain America’s shield said otherwise.

I did enjoy watching him take on First Iron Man, then Captain America’s Shield LOL! and then the Hulk. Those were some great fights to watch.

He had a little more invested than the others in the battle as they were fighting his younger brother and he felt it was entirely his fault.

Good acting from Chris; unfortunately for the ladies, there is no shirtless scene for them to scream over like Thor.


Black Widow/Natasha Romanoff played by Scarlett Johansson

The only woman in the group, she does portray her name very well. One would expect her be very much out of place considering she’s carrying that tiny gun whereas all the others have got major gadgets or ‘super’ powers but she doesn’t let any of it faze her and fights her way skilfully into her position as the Black Widow and pulls her own weight.

I could spend a whole day going through the list of Avengers or Marvel superheroes altogether and wonder why they picked some characters over some (especially with Black Widow’s character) but they made it work for them and there’s so much that the movie makers can take out of the bulk load of comics anyway.


Hawkeye/Clint Barton played by Jeremy Renner

Y’all may not know but Hawkeye was a part of the original Avengers line-up from the comics.

Anyway back to the movie, he spends much of the movie in a daze and will probably be the least rated amongst the avengers here in the eyes of the audience but he does redeem himself somewhat in the final sequences.

Good performance by Jeremy; although he fell victim to what I call the ‘many lead syndrome’ where some of the actors just have to play second fiddle. He played a very good second fiddle.


Loki played by Tom Hiddleston

Loki brings his twisted family drama into the earth added to his crazy power hungry mindset.

He does throw out some thought provoking statements that may be hard to swallow like

Man craves subjugation and was made to be ruled?

The idea of freedom diminishes man’s life joy?

I’m not going to go all in and begin rebutting all he said; all I’m going to say is that the highest form of freedom is the highest form of slavery!

Even he that thought he was a bad guy god and could do all was just a pawn in another villain’s endgame.

Nice one Tom.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Supporting Cast“]Returning cast include Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury who puts up a good performance manipulating as usual, Clark Gregg as Agent Phil Coulson whose main role is dying so that the Avengers could assemble, while Stellan Skarsgard and Gwyneth Paltrow play their small bits.

Cobie Smulders who most know from ‘How I met your Mother’ plays a more serious role as Agent Maria Hill and impresses with it.[/toggle]


Note: For every one jesting about spider-man and his absence, going as far as making up cartoons about it, he was not part of the original Avengers although he gets recruited at a point but he’s not the only popular absentee as Wolverine, Black Panther, Ant-Man, Wasp, Vision, Beast etc were also omitted and if you didn’t know, the Human Torch is also part of the Avengers so I guess that would be a very awkward situation putting him in as Chris Evans also played him in the movie adaptation.

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