The Darkest Hour

Usually before watching a movie, I tend to know most of the information about it but that wasn’t the case for The Darkest Hour, hence I didn’t know what to expect; well I didn’t get much.


The plot of this movie is so weak and execution even weaker. I wasn’t impressed by the invisible aliens or the general lack of story to carry this movie along. For some reason it all seemed utterly un-captivating.


Sean played by Emile Hirsch

He plays the easy-going, fun-loving of the pair of business men. He manages to act out his script well albeit the poor story. As I write this though, a few hours after watching the movie, I can honestly say I’ve almost forgotten all he did in the film and that does not bode well for his rating.

Natalie played by Olivia Thirby

Even in the midst of all the unimaginative happenings around, she portrays the level headed ‘thinking’ one of the girls but that does not distract me enough from wondering why this movie was made in the first place. Sorry.

Ben played by Max Minghella

As someone who knows how it feels to get ‘and’ execute ideas sometimes, I kinda pitied Ben in the beginning when his idea was stolen but as that didn’t have anything to do with most of the rest of the movie except how they met the girls, I find myself wondering again. He was OK though.

Anne played by Rachel Taylor

‘The untrusting one’ of the pair of girls as I’ll describe her, she ends up virtually being the cause of her own death as is usually the case in these movies and even as she’s dying, instead of feeling bad that she’s dying all I could think was ok, now one of them is gone, the movie is on its way to ending.

Supporting cast

Even as few as the cast members in this film are I can’t seem to remember who they are. I could replay the movie and try rating them but the residual feeling of disappointment from an entirely drab movie hinders that effort.

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