The Hunger Games

Just like twilight was, ‘The Hunger Games’ has become the new American fad. Everyone there is talking about it, comparing it to political themes, religious themes, feministic themes etc but to me this  just goes on to outline the general involvement of Americans with themselves (not saying that it’s a bad thing) as the hunger games has made more than 60% of its large revenue from North America alone.

The Hunger games from my perspective does portray what happens in a lot of economies around the world where a select elite controls the economy and does everything they can to maintain that power. The whole film is about Hope: the lack of it and the capitols control of the circulation of it; it also does embody feministic themes although it goes back to the typical ‘girl torn between two boys’ drama that gets on my nerves.


[toggle title=”Plot/Production“]Looking at the plot my first thoughts were – this is such a warped world, are these people kidding me? what kind of story are these folks telling me?! But it seems looking in-depth into the ways of the world, a lot of economies are going through the same but just on a more subtle note. To be honest, I believe that is always the way the world is going to be, the only difference is what the ‘capitol’ embodies in every of those situations (the welfare of the people/economy or the welfare of the capitol).

Note I use capitol as an allegory.

Production was cool and ok although not so fascinating to me. It was done to fit the theme but it didn’t really stand out to my sense of ‘spectacular’. Nicely done on both.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Cast“]Katniss Everdeen played by Jennifer Lawrence

I haven’t read the books so I can’t compare notes or base portrayal on the character from the books so I’m going to make do with what I have. Katniss does cut across to me as a bit boring although I would expect her not to be the most excited individual considering the circumstances around her; as per performance, she displays cool doses of feistiness, wisdom and calm which made me respect the character.

Family ties do strongly bind and I’m not sure about everyone but there is a tendency to protect those in your family you believe to be weaker than you so her decision to step in for her sister was expected by me; I just didn’t think it would be so easily accepted.

Courage I would say sums up the appeal of this character to the majority; not stupid courage as is portrayed in most movies like this but calculated wise courage that one can relate to if suddenly dropped in similar circumstances.


Peeta Mellark played by Josh Hutcherson

It kinda takes a little while for one to get used to this character as he just seems too excited to be going off to die! Seriously what was up with him? But as he unfolds, we see someone who has an issue processing the situation in front of him properly thus making him behave stupidly (I still don’t understand his initial alliance with the ‘careers’) but slowly he unwinds and let’s himself out.

The mixed signals and attitudes from the character just made me root for Liam’s character back at home for Katniss’ love even though the turn of events ensuring they both survived was appreciated.

Good performance from Josh.


Gale Hawthorne played by Liam Hemsworth

The only reason I am reviewing this character is because he is listed highly in the cast; to be honest I kept waiting for something to happen to justify that high placement but I guess that will happen in the next instalment or the third. Based on this movie alone though, he doesn’t have enough screen time and even though is a close friend of Katniss, I don’t think he asserted his love interest for her.

Anyway, please if they are going to place a cast member so high in order of names, they should consider giving him more screen time or influence in the story.


Haymitch Abernathy played by Woody Harrelson

This character reminded me in the 1st half of a typical Nigerian. One who hates the system, learns the system, and then learns how to survive within the system because he doesn’t think he can change the system he so hates.

He tries to dish out the knowledge of how to survive which is truly the important bit at that point anyway but his lack of spirit and attitude wasn’t that much appreciated.

To some, the bit up there is wise but to me, the wise bit is the second half of the movie where he put his knowledge to work for the survival of Katniss and maybe Peeta while at the same time inadvertently circulating a mass dose of hope among the districts.

Woody brings his experience to the table and provides a character you can almost not help but love.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Supporting Cast“]Very diverse cast members ranging from the known to the unknown giving us a nice experience watching; I just couldn’t help but not be too impressed. It was a good film but just didn’t hit the nail on the head; I guess the hype kinda killed it.[/toggle]


Maybe I should go read the books.

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