Wrath of the Titans

Wrath is the second movie in the recent remake of the Clash of the Titans series which to be honest hasn’t really quite a good impact on me; it’s been one of those movies with hype that you end up watching because of said hype then all but forget about because it’s entirely un-fascinating.

The only difference with this for me is that it was my first 3D experience (I know, took me long enough) so I’m probably going to remember the movie as such.


[toggle title=”Plot/Production“]Its ten years since the happenings in ‘Clash’ and Perseus has a son now blah blah. The plot of this movie was about as interesting and coherent as the narration of my nine year old niece; it felt drawn, dry and devoid of proper imaginative thinking.

This is a movie about the ‘petty-gods’ as I call the Olympian gods (they are worse than humans when it comes to irrational decisions and actions) and in the midst of all the drama, it just appeared to lack drama!!!

Ok, enough sugar coating, if not for the 3D experience which I’m gonna get into now, this movie would have been a total snooze-fest.

As per production, it was really cool, I don’t know if it’s just because it was in 3D but I liked the way the movie appeared so surreal. The 3D experience was cool but I’m afraid wasn’t all that, making me wonder what all the fuss is about 3D films and why a lot of film makers are either making or converting their movies into 3D! It’s not gonna be so easy to cough out 2k5 from me for another 3D movie that’s for sure.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Cast“]Perseus played by Sam Worthington

Demi-god Perseus still does not want anything to do with the gods which I find almost laughable after Zeus comes to warn him about the impending doom.

There is a flaw in the character here; Yes, I know he doesn’t want to be involved in their drama but as someone who had such power given to him as his birthright, he lacked responsibility and until the problem hit home he didn’t think he should get involved. That’s really sad and the way of the world these days anyhow.

Sam Worthington has been acting a lot of blockbusters these days but until Man on a Ledge didn’t really make a conscious imprint on me.


Andromeda played by Rosamund Pike.

It has become a fixture in films based on supernatural entities to have one of the main characters in the affairs being a human which tends to give me a rise at times. I’m not saying humans cannot have good parts in such; it’s just that sometimes the character just ends up being extremely foolhardy.

In this case Queen Andromeda seems to be following her heart with fine bobo Perseus who is now single while at the same time she’s trying to save her people from the impending doom; she shows courage but unlike Perseus and Agenor who are half god, she had more than a 90% chance of dying on that trip. #justsaying

Anyway, it’s a movie and she’s a main character so that didn’t happen.


Agenor played by Toby Kebbell

I liked this character a lot; he didn’t seem to carry the ‘burden’ of being a demi-god like Perseus, he was a blend of crook and good guy, he brought comic to the movie and more life than boring Perseus.

In whole, I guess I was impressed with his approach to the situation; even though their future looked gloomy and things needed to be done, he did them and carried out his actions without letting the situation get to him.

Good performance by Toby and best character for me.


Ares played by Edgar Ramirez

Now this was the only character that portrayed the ‘petty-god’ role of the Olympians I’m used to effectively, even egbon Hades was just a sap.

His jealousy of his half brother made him extremely senseless from my point of view; Ares showed what happens when a person lacks a genuine sense of self and seeks affirmation from others.

This flaw has been destructive in humans not to talk of an Olympian god wielding such power; the only thing I don’t get is why he thought Cronus was to be trusted because I wouldn’t have trusted him in a million years.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Supporting Cast“]The three ‘god’ brothers Zeus, Poseidon & Hades played by Liam Neeson, Danny Huston and Ralph Fiennes respectively have more water under the bridge than the movie lets on but whatever, their roles/portrayals were just ok. Helius, Perseus’ son was just like a fixture and didn’t really leave an impression.[/toggle]

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