Snow White and The Huntsman

It took me a very long time to watch this movie and for some reason the fact that it was the second Snow White movie this year just seemed to delay me further.

Eventually I watched this movie and the first thing I noticed was the plentiful twists to the fairytale we grew up knowing. I’m not saying these twists were bad, it’s just that where some were interesting to see, others just seemed painful to note because they changed too much of the basics.

I have heard that the original Brothers Grimm stories where a lot of the fairy tales we are familiar with are adapted from were very dark so the nature of this film may be attributed to that. It was so dark and mature that it lost all notion of the word ‘fairytale’; I would rate the movie at least PG-16 even though it was rated PG-13

On that note let me get into the meat of my review.


[toggle title=”Plot/Production“]Going into this movie, I was expecting to know much about the plot because well, its Snow White! but I was astounded by the changes and detail that went into making this story more mature. While I’ve never thought about a proper back story-before the introduction of Ravenna into the Snow White story, the addition of this bit was cute and provided a good look into why she was the way she was; I’m not saying it was an excuse to be that way, it just provided a more rounded story that gives me more to review.

The acting was just OK but the production was quite impressive; to be honest I’ve always been fascinated with portrayals that can take you back to a medieval era maybe because they seem more creative to me.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Cast“]Snow White played by Kirsten Stewart

1st, is it just me or does Kirsten seem to be giving the same vibe or portrayal in too many of her films? It almost felt like I could have been watching her as Bella instead of Snow White; it’s like she just carries this air around her that she throws into whatever she’s doing whether on or off screen. Having said that the character Snow White is one that is thrust into responsibility by birth and even though everything going on around her could have been an excuse to get to safety and relax, she still decided to go up against Ravenna.

It may be good to note for some that Snow White was going up against a foe that seemed way more formidable than she was but she did so anyway; too many times the perceived daunting nature of a situation makes people back down entirely from making choices that could change their lives for the better at all times.


Queen Ravenna played by Charlize Theron

The inclusion of a back story for Ravenna still does not justify her actions or the utter wickedness she portrayed. I see a lot of people through history and today who use circumstances they went through or are going through as justification for the way they are and in the process are either continuing a cycle or birthing new cycles that end up making situations unfavorable for others.

They just totally allow circumstances around them cloud their thoughts and actions for example take a look at Ravenna who apparently hated men because of what had happened to her; do you notice that most of her wicked acts were to the detriment of the women around her?

As a believer one may be wondering why situations are occurring around or to them and may be on the verge of giving up or being overwhelm by these situations so I’ll tell you this:

‘First you need to change your mindset because circumstances are supposed to come, it’s normal (even the Bible tells you they’ll come), so let your mind not be caught off guard by them instead always remember you have overcome any and every circumstance in Christ; this has helped and keeps helping me see clearly in any situation. Giving in to situations never births good results instead it births bitter people.


The Huntsman played by Chris Hemsworth

This character is one of the sudden twists in the story; he his instead on the products of Ravenna’s actions just like the rest of the town and had given in to the circumstances too going on a downward spiral before meeting Snow White and being opened up to a life beyond himself as they journeyed together. It’s quite amazing how circumstances also have a way of enhancing selfishness in people as it takes a good measure of selflessness to look beyond the circumstances surrounding you.

The only question I have is why they had to make the Huntsman the one to break the curse because they conveniently left it at that (also has anyone thought about how it seemed like a normal thing for them to just go about kissing someone they assumed was dead). I expected some of it anyway.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Supporting Cast“]William’s character was done some major injustice by the makers of this movie (I won’t go into that), the dwarfs became eight, and Ravenna suddenly had a brother but the supporting characters did add their own piece to the whole.[/toggle]


This movie is a typical good versus evil scenario where evil carried out its wiles behind the scenes to the ignorance of the people thus catching them off guard; it then becomes so prominently exposed and the people at least have an idea what they are up against. Remember you have already triumphed in Christ, just like Snow White’s demeanor changed after she realized she could defeat Ravenna, let your mind be changed to the fact that you have overcome already; all you have to do is make it manifest.



  1. Okagbare Christopher

    10th October 2012 at 8:58 am

    Please I need the download link to this email. Thanks a lot.

  2. Kunle

    10th October 2012 at 9:01 am

    Personally I dislike this film. It just didnt come together for me. Like u noted.Kristen really needs to stop acting like shes in twilight. Her acting always seems cliche. In all good triumphed over evil so dats still a plus. Ill give it a rating of 3.5 out of 10

    • MoviePencil

      10th October 2012 at 10:59 pm

      3.5/10? Isn’t that a little harsh. I didn’t think it was that bad although somewhat boring

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