Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn 2

Finally, a twilight film that is a little bearable to watch!

I have previously spoken about my feelings about the twilight series and how I was watching them out of formality not necessarily out of anticipation or want.

Well I can tell you this, if any of the previous films were done like they did this one, maybe just maybe not so many people would hate on the series so much.

To be honest though, they got their audience, knew their audience and fed their audience what they wanted to be fed, so if  you didn’t like the series it probably because you are not a teenage girl who loves all of them ‘funny’ love stories that seem to be circulating these days.

I just fear that with all these stupid love stories constantly poured out and how popular they are with teenage girls we would not find ourselves stuck with a generation with a confused mindset about what love and being in a relationship is all about. So if you are reading this and you constantly get all those tingly feelings in your heart when you read all them romance books, and watch the films, listen to them romantic songs etc please let me tell you this: It’s all fiction! It’s not real! True love is not based on emotions, but is a decision.

See what twilight has caused…. I’m going into a long talk about love!

Anyways, let’s get into the review:

[toggle title=”Plot/Production“]Good plot and good production but I just want to tell you the thing that stuck out the most in this film to me: Bella became a vampire and HAD TO LEARN how to behave and live as a vampire.  It was her responsibility to do so even if she had people helping her. She had to let go of her former life, she realized she was A NEW PERSON entirely.

I am a Christian, I live as a Christian but I had to learn and I’m constantly learning what being a Christian is about. I had to note one thing; it’s a different life, an entirely new one. It’s not a new way to live an old life or a merger of a spiritual and carnal life.

Until you realise this and make the decision to accept that when you give your life to Christ it’s like resetting to factory settings before the virus of Adam’s sin, then you would not experience the full potentials of being a Christian.

So as I keep telling people, ‘the worst thing you can do to yourself is lie to yourself’, I tell you now, if you are a Christian make a quality decision to know who you are and your potential as a Christian. If you’re not, please contact me some way.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Cast“]Bella Swan played by Kirsten Stewart

I think now this series is over, that Kirsten Stewart needs to find a way to portray herself differently on-screen. She’s been acting for a long time but every time I see her in different movies, I just feel like she could be acting any of the other films and I wouldn’t know the difference. She’s not a very interesting actress to watch but she does have her fan base and has a good filmography.


For her final role as Bella, now a vampire, she did quite well but since I knew about the nature of her powers from the books, I felt kinda let down because my imagination did more than I watched. It was OK though. The stupid girl finally had what she wanted all thanks to Buffy.


Edward Cullen played by Robert Pattinson

Whenever I look at this character or think on the Salvatore brothers, or Bill Compton I can’t just help but be perplexed about the current fad the entertainment industry has with matching human females and Vampire males in these ‘silly epic’ love stories; It’s almost like I’m watching the scary movie series when I watch them.

As far as I am concerned, these movies portray human females as stupid, emotional, love struck entities; I do hope there are very people who are like that in real life. Love should never make you stupid!

As for Edward, well I liked him most in New Moon even though that’s the silliest one of the series. But there, he realised that he had run into a ‘crazy silly human girl called Bella’ so he tried to bail.

Now he’s just that almost funny weird-looking guy who is trying to do right by his new family; no matter how they got to that point he didn’t dwell on the past but how they could resolve the current situation. I admire that.


Jacob Black played by Taylor Lautner

I still have a question for Stephanie Meyer and the role she’s put Jacob in now. How is he supposed to marry Renesmee and have a family? It just sounds all kind of wrong. He’s a wolf and she’s half human, half vampire. Whoa let me not give myself headache over twilight wahala.

He did act his role very well although being able to look at a baby as an adult male and know that she’s  the one you will someday have babies with just seems multiple dimensions sort of wrong.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Supporting Cast“]Supporting cast were many and diverse but there’s no time for us to familiarize ourselves with any well. Yes you may remember one or two or five or ten but Apart from the cast you have seen over multiple installments in the series, none may really stick.

Renesmee just went about touching people’s faces, Bella’s Mother was never shown or heard from, Dakota Fanning kept on feeling like a bada**, and Michael sheen had to just respect himself at the end of the day.[/toggle]

It was a good watch and even if it drags a little bit, it ends well enough for you to forget all the discrepancies from the beginning of the movie or for some even the beginning of the series!

I’m tempted to say good riddance but I’ll be nice.

Are you happy it’s over, Do you wish it would continue, Did you like the series, us what did you think in the comments!

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1 Comment

  1. nihinlola olufumbi

    7th December 2012 at 8:37 am

    I think I like the way each actor/Actress was analyzed

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