When you Google the word ‘Ingenious’, the following definition pops up:


(Of a person) Clever, Original, and Inventive

(Of a machine or idea) Cleverly and originally devised and well suited to its purpose.


Clever – Resourceful – Inventive – Skilful

The title of this movie was quite perfect for it I must say.

If you are an entrepreneur, I recommend it, if you are an aspiring entrepreneur, I recommend it, if you just like movies, I recommend it, if you think starting a business is beans, I recommend it, if you think it’s hard work, I recommend it. If you have no thoughts whatsoever about the matter, I still recommend it.

The first thing I should clear is that I am not saying the movie will teach you strategies on what to do to ‘get that idea’ or ‘execute that idea’ or ‘establish a great ingenious  business/product’, in fact I believe it will teach you more of things NOT TO DO!

Ideas rule the world……. Have you ever heard that?

What that statement doesn’t tell you is that, it’s not just about having the idea; one has to execute said idea.

Having said all this, let’s get into the review of the film.

[toggle title=”Plot/Production“]Before I say anything about the plot or production, I would like to mention that this film was first released in 2009. It does have a good plot and the execution was real good.

I know I found myself asking what was wrong with each character at one point or another; I mean c’mon! but not to spill any beans, that woman tried.

It makes you wonder how many people actually allow themselves go through such situations daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly….. 🙁 [/toggle]

[toggle title=”Cast“]Matt played by Dallas Roberts

Commendations are in order for this character. I know how hard it is to keep moving when one hits a wall in their path but this guy just did not lose hope.

It’s impressive to watch him move on from the failures, the mistakes, and the stupid decisions and keep trying. All through watching, I felt there were some things he just should not have done, but I realise now that it’s a lot easy to analyse a situation from without.

He did have his flaws (a lot sef) but that drive and his mind were his best trait as an individual.


Sam played by Jeremy Renner

I am sorry but I do not have any love for this character. He was the perfect example of the adage, ‘watch the friends you keep!’

I am not saying that he was a horrible person, I am just saying he had too much of a negative influence on Matt. And it did not help that Matt was such a weak willed individual a lot of the time.

Anyway he also had good drive and he did not ever allow his bosom buddy give up on his dreams.


Gina played by Ayelet Zurer

Respect; I have it drones for this character. My only wish was that the silly husband of hers did not take it too far and allow her leave.

But I do not have any qualms with how the story played out…. in fact, I’m happy with the way it did.

Kudos to Ayelet, I see greater things ahead for her.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Supporting Cast“]It’s amazing to note that even in all the chaos that these two friends exhibited, they still had a couple of people who believed in them enough to work with them. As for Gina’s sister, she just came across as someone who carried a chip on her shoulder. [/toggle]

Ingenious was an awesome film and a great watch. It’s a strong recommendation for me and I’m glad they put in the effort to release it in cinema.

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