I do not think there is a movie oriented site out there that has not or will not write a major article about the movie Lincoln. So as not to be the only one left out and because it is has been shown in our cinemas, I have decided to give my own take on the film.

It is not news anymore that Lincoln is probably the most critically acclaimed movie of 2012, the only other argument being Argo since it has won the Best Picture nod in most award shows leading to the Oscars.  So I guess we know who the battle for Best Picture at the Oscars is truly between.

Lincoln is the second film of 2012 about Abe and is the second film in recent weeks to have its central plot around the slave era in the United States. While Lincoln is mellow and a full on drama, the other is more theatrically awesome.

[toggle title=”Plot/Production“]This is not the first time I will be mentioning that I love historical movies, but more importantly, I love historical movies that take their time to portray it well and with as much accuracy as they could muster. From the costumes, script and setting in Lincoln, the audience is drawn into America in the later part of the 1800s and the games played between the Executive and Legislative arms of government to get a bill passed into the constitution.

This movie is a smart movie and you can see Spielberg ply the craft of movie making that he has mastered so well. I foresee him winning the Best Director award at the Oscars.

Plot was superb, delivery was awesome![/toggle]

[toggle title=”Cast“]

Abraham Lincoln played by Daniel Day-Lewis

First, I want to say well done to the costume crew for this movie. If you did not know Daniel Day-Lewis before this movie, all you need to do is Google his name and you will be amazed at his real look and the one in this film.

Second, his acting was just superb. I’m sure Abe would be proud watching from wherever he is and would probably be thinking, ‘was I really that smart?’ LOL!

From Daniel’s performance, you cannot help but fall in love with the person of Abraham Lincoln even if you do not care for American History or politics.

It’s therefore not a wonder that he’s nominated for Best Actor in almost all awards shows and he’s won it at almost all the ones aired already. He is the sure favourite to win it again at the Oscars and if he does, he will become the first actor ever to have won the award three times.


Mary Todd Lincoln played by Sally Field

Sally Field is one of my favourite older actors and from every performance she does, I notice she pours herself totally into the role.

History has described Mary Todd Lincoln as a ‘crazy’, ‘hysterical’ woman who could not get over the death of her children but was really as ambitious as her husband. Sally’s performance was hands on to play this character; one moment, she’s erratic, the next she looks like she’s about to break and the next moment she’s putting up a strong front in the face of her husband’s political opposition.

This was one complex woman if I may say so and Sally played her with finesse, it is just a shame that she would not win the award for best supporting actress at the Oscars.


Robert Todd Lincoln played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Even though there are more main characters, I feel impressed to review this character instead. For those of you who do not know this, Robert is the only Lincoln child that survived till adulthood.

From the portrayal, you can see a young chap trying his best not to become irrelevant in the shadow of the greatness that was his father. I admire this in him but at the same time, I believe he was losing focus and just wanted to act because people were talking about him not being a part of the war.

I do not know how many people reading this have found themselves in such situations but my advice to you is that when you find yourself in a situation where you feel overshadowed by someone close to you, find your niche and keep at it, it is not a time to act irrationally because of what others are saying or what the other person is doing.


Thaddeus Stevens played by Tommy Lee Jones

I realise that right now, for most of the people who live outside America or are observing America from beyond its borders, the Democratic Party seems like the sane one. But from this movie, a lot of people would realise that was not always the case.

The Republican Party was actually the one that fought for the abolition of slavery and this character was pivotal in getting the republicans in line. He was quite radical in his portrayal and was a force to reckon with immediately he opened his mouth.

Tommy is likely to be the third Oscar winner from this movie.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Supporting Cast“]I loved the supporting cast so much!!! The conversation between Lincoln and his wife’s Black dress maker Elizabeth Keckley was so on point. Tad Lincoln was a delight to watch, William Seward played by David Strathairn was so good too and you could see that he and Lincoln were really close friends even as he did all he could do to ensure Abe’s plans came to pass.

Well done to all of them and I must end with this, ‘the arguments in the house of representative were so interesting!!! So funny!!! and showed just how a select few can determine the course of plenty’. One is not a small number people! You may just be that one to make that change.[/toggle]

P.S. I wrote this before the Oscars

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