Identity Thief

How many of you remember Horrible Bosses from 2011? If you do not remember that then maybe you remember Ted from last year.

Well Identity Thief is from the minds that brought you those two hilarious yet in my book, entirely ‘stupid’ films. If you have read some of my previous write-ups, you would know that I’m not the biggest fan of ‘this new age stupid’ turn comedy has taken.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that they are not interesting to watch; in fact I believe it takes talent and some skill to act ‘stupid’ very well. What pains me is that everyone just wants to watch stupid now! If you notice, the dumber something is the higher tendency people will jump on it.

Well, whatever, Identity thief is a very interesting movie regardless. 🙂

[toggle title=”Plot/Production“]The phenomenon of identity theft is one that is definitely no laughing matter. It’s quite easy to laugh when watching this movie, in fact I dare you not to laugh but the situation going on is quite a dire one.

I commend the makers for taking something as grave as fraud and giving us a comical outlook but the truth is, you probably still don’t want to go through this.

Good plot, good production……[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Cast“]Sandy Bigelow Patterson played by Jason Bateman

It’s quite funny that the first thing I think about with this character is all the Femis, Tosins, Lanres, Adeolas, DAMILOLAs, etc that could easily have their identity stolen when placed in the same scenario. Come to think of it the Yoruba language has a lot of unisex names so take note.

Second, I could have fallen for the same trick he fell for; maybe, just maybe. I doubt it sha.

I thought identity theft was so much more serious though and would have demanded more attention from the police….. I guess the movie would have ended in the first 20mins otherwise.


Diana played by Melissa McCarthy

Was this chic being funny? She’s very lucky it wasn’t my identity she stole but Mr nice guy Sandy Bigelow. I don’t buy any sappy back story they want to use to make me pity her situation. She was just a little selfish runt.

Now that I’ve said that, Melissa McCarthy is quite awesome playing the character. It’s almost like these days, fat women are compensating by being funny.  I don’t say that lightly too as her fat did come in handy very much throughout the film. I won’t say more than that for the benefit of those who haven’t watched it.


Trish Patterson played by Amanda Peet

Is it just me or did this woman not seem somewhat surreal? 1st she takes it so calmly that her husband’s identity has been stolen plus so much money…..2nd she just lets him go after the thief…. 3rd she did not give the woman a nice decking when she eventually got to their house (just a little something for stealing from her man you know), 4th I thought pregnant women were more hormonal?

Well it may just be me.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Supporting Cast“]Let me just say this…. I’m not sure why, but I was getting the Nigerian police man vibe from Morris Chestnut and it just felt like Harold Cornish should have had a bigger doze of karma but, you can’t always get what you want. As for the multiple people after Ms Diana, I guess they just provided more comic relief for us.[/toggle]

Identity thief is one of the top ten movies of the 1st quarter of 2013 in my opinion so if you haven’t seen it…. what are you waiting for!



  1. m

    12th April 2013 at 10:24 am

    Nice one guys! 🙂

  2. Toonna

    19th April 2013 at 6:00 pm

    Should be a nice movie for a good laugh, will see it when I can. Cheers MoviePencil! 🙂

    • MoviePencil

      19th April 2013 at 6:32 pm

      It is. I laughed hard and it was my best movie of the year before Olympus came out and beat it hands down!

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