Culture VS Solution II

This is a continuation of a post discussing yam, iTunes and some other stuff sha so if you haven’t read it, please do so here before continuing!

  • Now I’ll like to delve into movies, as this is my primary focus. What was the culture before Cinemas recently found their footing again in Nigeria?

 People just went to buy collections of DVDs! And while some were concerned about clarity of the movies, most were not bothered as long as they had access to the films.

Over the years, a culture was birthed, pay N80-N200 (depending on where you are buying) and you will get a collection of probably 8-16 films you can watch any time!

 The cinemas arrived and even though it is working, I tend to ask myself from time to time, ‘how much profit are all the cinemas in Nigeria enjoying compared to the number of people in Nigeria?’

 Do they enjoy as much success as they could or should?

Let me ask a couple of questions of you to find out what your culture really is:

  1. How often do you watch films?
  2. Have you watched up to 20 movies this year?
  3. Give an approximate figure of the number of movies you have seen this year and how many of that figure you actually watched in the cinemas.

Please feel free to answer these in the comments.

  • Finally, let’s discuss a simple matter of the MoviePencil solution and the culture of Cinema goers. The website provides a couple of solutions:
  1. Information about Movies either in the cinemas, coming soon to the cinemas or those that have stopped showing their trailers and their box office revenue.
  2. Reviews for top movies in the cinemas.
  3. Cinema Schedules: 12 cinemas VS 140-160million Nigerians.
  4. Other articles and access to the Seeneema application.

 For more on the solution, you can read this page or this one.

 What exactly is your culture?

  1. Do you plan your outings to the movies by seeking out information? I know I cannot make a trip to the cinema without knowing what I want to watch, what time its showing, who acted it, how long it runs, and probably what others have said about the film.
  2. Do you anticipate movies? I like to know current films and films coming out very soon.
  3. Do you have a particular cinema you always frequent, or can you attend anyone you like anytime?
  4. Do you read reviews before or after watching the movies (or even not at all)?
  5. Would you rate a film you have watched and leave comments about it so others can know if it was a horrible/nice film?
  6. How many Nollywood films have you watched in the Cinema?

All answers in the comments please!

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