Review: Trance

I walked into the cinemas very wary of the movie I was about to watch. Not because the film seemed uninteresting or over hyped but because in 2013 I have been constantly disappointed by the crop of films that have been released.

I can honestly count just two or three films I have really enjoyed and it definitely does not include the debacle that was G.I JOE!

Anyways after watching this particular film and seeing that it was ‘not too shabby’, I had an epiphany and decided to change my review style.

From now on, I’m going to be giving you my top five reasons to go watch a movie and my top five reasons to just ignore it in the cinemas.

So here goes:

Top Five Reasons to watch Trance:

  1. Awesome Plot! This story is captivating, has twists and will keep you guessing from the beginning to the end. They went all ‘Inception’ on us and I will say that out of all the films that have tried, this one probably comes closest.
  2. James McAvoy: I don’t know if I just have a soft spot for this actor but in my opinion, he’s a really good actor. He takes on the role in a very skilled fashion and the transitions in the character were cool to behold.
  3. It’s better than G.I Joe but not as good as Olympus. You may have seen Olympus and you’re trying to decide on a ‘good film’ to watch next, the answer TRANCE.
  4. The Acting: it’s a Danny Boyle film so I expect a quality script and good portrayal and I wasn’t disappointed on this bit.
  5. The Twist! You may have suspected various things at various times while watching this film but the tendency that you will guess this twist right is very very very I cannot emphasize the very as much as I can LOW!

Now Top Five Reasons to avoid this in the cinemas:

  1. You can watch this in your house and you wouldn’t know the difference.
  2. Crudeness: it’s really typical for films to go this route these days but to sound like a prude I can boldly say that all of it did not add to the story. In fact in my opinion it took away from it. Even if it was artistic it just felt bleh. THIS IS MY OPINION cos I know some of you may enjoy that bit plenty.
  3. The plot! It has its pot-holes and not every one of us may have the patience of trying to understand or follow the story with all its complexity in the cinema hall. If you are like that, please just wait for the DVD version and watch it in the comfort of your house. At least in your house, you can rewind it when you don’t seem to understand anymore.
  4. Iron Man 3 is out now so you can just let this one go and decide to watch Iron Man instead.
  5. The Subject Matter! This movie is about hypnotism….. If from the beginning of the film all you will be saying is, ‘c’mon I don’t believe this’, then don’t bother. Scepticism will not allow you give the story a chance. It’s a movie we all know it’s not real.

So there you have it and now you can make your choice! Tell us will you be watching Trance now or not?

Or have you watched it and want to add your own two cents to my reasons above? Please take advantage of the comments below.

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