Movie Review: The Host

Is it just me or do would you rather go watch a movie when everyone says it’s rubbish only to be surprised than when a movie is over hyped and  just falls short.

I tend to prefer the latter, so when I was going to see The Host, I wasn’t really expecting much…… and I didn’t get much, but the movie was OK.

Comments for ‘The Host’ included:

It’s just a 2-Star movie
It’s poorly scripted
It’s not really worth watching

It’s not the best movie out there; in fact it’s far from the best. As a Critic I’ll say don’t bother watching in the Cinema, wait for the DVD but on a personal note, I got something from this film that’s going to influence a post I’m writing next.

To help you decide on your own however, here are:

  • The Top 5 reasons to watch ‘The Host’
  1. If you were one of those that was a huge ‘Twilight’ fan, you just may love this as it was written by the same author.
  2. If you are a fan of sappy love relationships or stories in movies then this is one for you. As for me, I don’t like em.
  3. If you believe you have time to spare and cash to burn please don’t hesitate.
  4. If you’ve seen all the other movies showing in the cinema, and are not really bothered then go ahead.
  5. If you are an ardent Sci-Fi fan, you’ve probably seen Oblivion so why not go ahead and watch this too.
  • The Top 5 reasons to avoid ‘The Host’
  1. It was written by the same mind that gave us the ‘Twilight’ series so expect some ‘irritating’ romance issues. I really detest Stephanie Meyer’s so called ‘Love Stories’. I believe they are principally flawed and I hope our young ones out there don’t ruin their love life by looking up to her characters.
  2. If you haven’t seen Olympus has fallen, Iron Man 3, Journey to Self, On Bended Knees, or Jurassic Park in 3D what are you doing considering ‘The Host’?
  3. Your time and money should have more value to you, so if you have time to spare and money to burn, learn a new skill and bring the money, I’ll hold it for you till you know what to do with it. J
  4. If you don’t like Sci-fi flicks, then just don’t bother.
  5. If you are looking for WOW! Experience in the cinema, no matter how OK this movie is, it cannot supply that.

I hope this helps in making your choice. It wasn’t all that, but the relationship between the Host and the Alien Parasite (I’m surprised they never used the word parasite as that was essentially what those things were) is inspiring me to write another post.


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