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Man Of Steel is a superhero movie, and some would argue that not much depth is expected from the plot and story, it is definitely no Inception, but films like The Matrix, The Dark Knight trilogy, Watchmen, V for Vendetta and Unbreakable have proved that superhero movies can have depth and intriguing storylines and still provide ample eye candy in explosions and action sequences; my motto is, “if it has been done before, why can’t it be done even better now?” Does Man Of Steel deliver on explosions and on-screen catastrophic eye candy? Plenty, enough to induce cinematic diabetes. Are these action sequences built on an emotional and intelligent core plot? Yes, but not very well done. The movie succeeds in intimating the audience with the internal conflict Clark Kent faces with his dual persona, but does not fully develop that same “feeling” with the surrounding cast, especially with Lois Lane; their chemistry could have been developed a tad longer. Also, in retrospect, more time could have been spent on Krypton, shedding more light on the moribund planet’s government while gradually revealing what drives General Zod, thus enabling the audience to become more invested in the character equally rooting for both Zod and Ka-El. In general the story felt rushed; perhaps it could have been broken down into two parts as Peter Jackson is doing with the Hobbit franchises. In summary, aside from Kal-El himself, I could not just believe most of the other characters.

Again, those that argue that superhero movies do not need very intelligent plots, should read the classic comic books these movies are made from. The selling point of those comics was that though the heroes were seeming invincible, they were still riddled with emotional and psychological drama, as normal humans are. And the movies I aforementioned translated this to the big screen beautifully, so yes, it can be done; explosions and CGI can and should co-exist with heartfelt plot and drama, so we should not demand anything less.

VERDICT:  6/10



Though similar to the plot, the script is a different ball game altogether. With writing credits including The Dark Knight Trilogy and Blade Trilogy, Man Of Steel’s screenwriter David S. Goyer is no stranger to the world of superhero movies, and his doesn’t disappoint here. Every character’s line felt like exactly what you would expect them to say in real life, the only problem was there were so many characters to write for, yet he tackles them all like a pro. Even when words were not spoken, the actors brought their A-game with their expressions and nuances. With Man Of Steel’s script, Goyer succeeds again.

The downside is that the script relays the story to the actors to act out, and the story could have been better, they could have given the movie more heart, more shock therapy. The script should not be afraid to take the audience on an emotional rollercoaster; up then down and then arrive at an epic conclusion, leaving us wanting more, begging for a sequel. Man Of Steel half-delivered on this front for me.




The bulk of praise for Man Of Steel goes to the man of steel himself; Henry Cavill!  This movie is definitely his launching pad, the actor owned the role! I dare say forget Christopher Reeves, welcome to 2013 and beyond, Cavill is Superman, face, body, voice and all! I so pray that his stellar performance finally lays to rest that horrid Superman curse! Can I get an “amen” after you watch the movie?

Amy Adams as Lois Lane was spot on; she played the restrained snoopy reporter role like a boss! Kevin Costner and Diane Lane brought the needed warmth and guidance for Clark Kent, Lawrence Fishburne was the quintessential ‘The Daily Planet’ boss, and I can’t imagine anyone else playing General Zod other than Michael Shannon, that dude’s face was made for this! Special look out for Faora played by German actress Antje Traue; her ice-cold portrayal of General Zod’s right-hand ‘man’ will linger for a while after the movie ends. We will definitely see her in many movies to come.


faora and zodFaora can’t wait to crush some humans at General Zod’s command!



With Zimmer at the wheel, or on the keys in this case, what could go wrong? Well, too much of anything is not good, and that includes Hans Zimmer. If you’ve watched the more than 5 trailers for Man of Steel, you’ve heard the score for Man Of Steel, the trailer saved nothing for the movie itself, and I blame the marketing team for this, yet with the overwhelming task of replacing John Williams’ iconic Superman theme score, Hans Zimmer created a score resonating with the right balance of majesty and doom, worthy of an invincible alien from Krypton and the repercussion of his unveiling to earth. Will Man Of Steel’s score spark a musical revolution like Inception’s did? Maybe, maybe not, but it is top-notch still.

VERDICT: 9/10 



Zack Sndyer has finally redeemed himself from his last offering of Sucker Punch (2011). The director of 300 (2006) and Watchmen (2009) has proven to all his haters that he isn’t down and out. How much creative power he had had over this movie though is debatable. Such a huge franchise would have been closely monitored by the Big Bros from Warner Bros , and ‘inspector’ Chris Nolan was on hand to ensure he didn’t screw things up, and he didn’t, save for the quick pace of the movie which could be more of the writer’s fault, and the tiresome overabundance of CGI.  But Snyder proved to be the right man to helm this first entry in the Superman reboot, contrary to our earlier discussion and could possibly return for the sequel. Snyder showed his mettle with action sequences in bucket loads, massive concurrent city-ruining explosions, and god-like fight scenes reminiscent of epic combos from mortal kombat, and a killer move from the man of steel himself right at the very end. Yes Snyder delivers aplenty in the directing chair.




superman flying

That’s it folks, Man Of Steel arrived Nigeria on Friday, 21st of June, 2013. Get all your cinema movie schedules here or from the free SEENEEMA app downloadable here!




  1. TyAsh

    13th September 2013 at 5:55 pm

    Man of Steel…was not enjoyable. The script made it sound like one huge tutorial adapted from a NatGeo special ‘prospects of extraterrestial civilization’. we know Clark Kent has never been one for the wits but Henry potrayed him as a pseudo-retard. & that Ms.Lane!! camon! so faaar from the lady-like dame she was hitherto known as. And his Dad dying so people wouldn’t know his power..*dumb*dumb*. General Zod flashing ‘u are not alone’ on all screens? GOSH. the movie was boring! they tried to make it so realistic that it became so dreary and dumb. ugh.

    • MoviePencil

      16th September 2013 at 10:18 pm

      Lol!!! I can’t believe you just said that! They made you realize Superman was an alien ba?

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