Review: Pacific Rim – The Love Child Of Godzilla and Transformers

Before I go into the nitty-gritty of the film that is Pacific Rim, can I just say that this movie is in the top 3 of action films I’ve seen this year or in the last two years.

The question I kept asking myself was, ‘Is there a video game of this out there?’ If you’ve seen it you probably know what I’m talking about; if you haven’t you’ll know when you see it. I can just imagine some multi-player, synchronized movement, butt-kicking kinda game that would be so AWESOME!!! (I researched and found out there was!!! And I’m gonna check out what it looks like soon).


Anyways, as I’ve told anyone that has asked what I feel about the film, ‘Pacific Rim is like the love child of Godzilla and Transformers. Only that the baby seems more mature and way cooler than the parents.’

pacific rim

Why would you spend your money going to watch it though? Well. I’ll outline some reasons below:

  1. It’s an action packed film. I’ve always felt the best movies to see on a big screen are those with all the major fighting, explosions, buildings falling and cities being destroyed. Am I right? Of course I am. Pacific Rim does not disappoint in this, in fact it probably has the best fighting sequences you’ll have seen this summer.
  2. It’s fresh. You probably have to listen and get into the story because you may not get it otherwise. I mean Kaijus and Jaegers are not really fresh concepts but compared to all the movies you’ve seen in recent times, this is fresh.
  3. The graphics are really good. As I said earlier, while watching I could just imagine myself playing a video game doing exactly what the Jaeger pilots were doing.
  4. The humour. At least the movie had more humour than #ManOfSteel, so if you want action mixed with a little humour, then you’ve got yourself a good deal with Pacific Rim. (There’s a small sequence at the end of the film, you should probably wait to see).


Some reasons why you may want to skip the movie are:

  1. If you like romance mixed with action. The closest thing to a romantic scene was a hug and I’m glad they didn’t go the cliché root and give us some last minute lovey dovey. (my spell check keeps underlining that, but I don’t care)
  2. The story kinda draws for a bit. I know I got bored somewhere along the way. But it still did a good job of bringing the excitement back.
  3. The concept of the story is not so easily explained, but it is. I know I’m the kinda person that likes a challenge trying to piece a movie together but I know some people would not like that one bit.

Pacific Rim is a movie to watch. I enjoyed it, clapped a bit, was wowed a bit, and left the hall happier than when I watched Iron Man 3.

So if you want to see the love child of Transformers and Godzilla, you know what to do.

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