#Review The Wolverine: Broody, Brutal and Unfortunately Boring.

I would like to apologize in advance for any spoilers that may escape my fingers. I truly try to avoid them, but sometimes those sly fellas just slip through.

This story kicks off where the events from X-men: Last Stand end and while I have deep respect for ‘The X-men’ series, (there’s just something about watching the whole bunch of misfits together, seeing how they complement one another, that keeps me loving them) the Wolverine films have failed to really deliver!


It’s no news that Wolverine has always been the standout character of the bunch; always a loner and possessing plenty of history and personal baggage, the character was bound to be the breakout star from the bunch. Unfortunately for him however, the stand alone films still haven’t gotten it right, and in my opinion, I think they should stop trying. E don do.

The beautiful thing about the X-men is that they are the X-men and no matter how outstanding Logan’s story is or how good he looks shirtless or the skills he possesses with those claws, it’s just not interesting to watch him alone.

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It’s bad enough that almost every X-men film is tied to a back-story that revolves around him, but to give us basically the same kind of story without the other members of Prof. Xavier’s team does not seem to be working! It’s also quite sad that the broody storyline they have been trying to pour down our throats lacks the depth that has made movies like the Dark Knight or Watchmen outstanding. (No, the dreams do not count thank you very much!)

Some claim it’s the fact that Fox acquired the licence to the X-men movies and have put inadequate writers to the task of helming the movies but I say even with that, it just does not seem fun to watch Logan brood over the events in X-men: The Last Stand, then get drawn into a story that is not only average but highly convoluted (and I don’t mean the good kind).


Don’t get me wrong, Logan is still very much his brutal self, handing out some major butt-kicking to very deserving opponents and its amazing how much of this he does as a mortal man ridden with bullets, so I will not complain, what I would do is advice you not to go into the movie expecting too much.

It is definitely a much better film than Origins but the story is boring, the delivery average, the fighting kinda O.K (well maybe more than O.K), and the twist somewhat predictable.


Why then should you go and watch the film, well ‘cos it’s a summer blockbuster and I’m sure you will want to have an opinion when others are talking about the film; also because the end credits is the best thing about the film. So take some time out and watch it to see if you think all I’ve written is bull crap.

I assure you, it’s not.



  1. Dan O.

    27th July 2013 at 8:52 pm

    Nice review. Not a perfect movie, but a better superhero flick than what Man of Steel tried to be. Or didn’t try to be. I’m still trying to wrap my head around that one.

    • MoviePencil

      28th July 2013 at 11:03 pm

      Thanks. Well, it may be ‘a better superhero flick’ based on the average expectations, but as a movie in general, Man Of Steel was way better IMO. I may just like deep films better anyways.

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