Review: House Of Gold or Majid’s Speech?

I recently visited the cinema on a quest to see a Nollywood production and ended up watching House of Gold, a movie produced by Yvonne Nelson (whom I’ve heard a bit about) and directed by Pascal Amanfo (they also paired together on Single and Married).

It wasn’t until I sat down and the movie started that I realized I had actually never seen an African Production on the big screen…. This was because the first shot of the film came on the screen and jolted me back to reality making me realize I had never seen such poor picture quality on the big screen. I mean C’mon!!! Lighting was poor, contrast, sharpness, everything! It was amazingly dark, almost like they were trying to hide something (maybe how bad the movie actually would be).

Anyways, I eagerly tweeted how ashamed I was to be watching my first Nollywood film in the cinema titled House Of Gold, and my followers were quick to let me know that it was a Ghallywood film not a Nollywood one.

Now I know why they were so quick to correct me; they were not prepared to associate our industry with the debacle that is House Of Gold. At least I hope that is the case.

I am not even prepared to go into the plot because, ‘THERE WAS NO PLOT’! If the film makers believe their finished product was a movie, they must be very confused. The continuity and lack of cohesion from start to finish was a pain to bear; it was almost like listening to a drunk man narrating a story, the way scenes were just cutting off and starting.

They just went ahead and acted a stage play on camera and decided to call it a movie. It was like watching a poor man’s version of a Tyler Perry stage play before he turns it into a feature film.

The film has got a good number of stars both from movies and music including Yvonne Nelson (2.5/5), Majid Michel (3/5), Omawunmi Megbele (3.5/5), Ice Prince Zamani (1.5/5), Eddie Watson (2.5/5), Luckie Lawson (2/5), Francis Odega (3.5/5), Mercy Chinwo (2.5/5), Umar Krupp (1.5/5), Sandra Ankobiah (1.5/5) and unfortunately I cannot find the names of the others all over the internet! Na wa. The stand out actor for me ended up being the french wife sha, whatever her name is.

The only saving grace with this film is that it is funny and has a good soundtrack. As I was telling ‘NollywoodReinvented’, I laughed, laughed some more and then laughed at myself for laughing at the absurd situation I found myself in. It made me wonder why all the cinema information I found called the movie a drama, it certainly isn’t one; instead it is a cheap comedy with some soundtrack inducing romance and emotion that is just too shabby to seem believable.

I’m not saying it was an entirely rubbish film….. What I’m saying is that it’s an entirely rubbish film to spend time, money and energy going to the cinema to watch. This film should have been a straight to DVD film, at least if you purchase the DVD, you can sit down with at least 15 other family members and not spend ticket money carrying all of them to suffer in the cinema hall.

Word of advice to the makers of the film, you should have just called the film ‘Majid’s Speech’ because your ending was as pathetic as pathetic could show its face. Anybody with half a snail’s brain would be irritated by it, as it reeked of abject laziness. Anyways, the whole film felt like a lazy effort, so why do I expect the ending to make up for the beginning and middle.

If you don’t want to drop some I.Q points when leaving the cinema hall, I suggest you avoid this one altogether, but if you are very curious, wait till the DVD comes out and then con one of your family members into buying it.

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