Movie Review: 2Guns

The title of this movie, ‘2Guns’ could make the average moviegoer expect an all action, testosterone filled saga that may not be much fun; just the usual killings and actors saving the day, which we are getting used to at this point. But permit me to say that 2Guns is one movie that keeps you glued to your seat wondering what happens next.

My Oga, The Moviepencil, thinks it was as predictable as going to bed at night expecting the Sun to rise the next day but I feel that it had just the right cast put into it, from the star actors to the various “Bosses” lol, the gangmen, and of course the star lady who appeared good, then bad and then good again.

Looking at the star actors, Denzel Washington (who will be clocking 59 this December) took me by surprise with the personality he portrayed, working side by side with his co-star (who seems to have mastered the ‘stupid redneck American man’ role), Mark Wahlberg; they both put up a good combo, not just in action, but also in jokes that just crack you up.

But giving it a closer look, more of the stunts carried out in the film could only be done better by the younger partner. I could really pick out some moves Denzel attempted which turned out a bit slow, but let me keep that to myself so you can enjoy the movie to its fullest.

There were so many interesting twists to the storyline (no matter how predictable MoviePencil says they are) but to protect your surprise if you haven’t seen the film, we shall not drop any spoilers.

As our teachers say, there should be a moral lesson in every story. Denzel and Mark went beyond fighting to become heroes of the day; they fought for justice, even when it meant going against their “work ethics”. Another is that two heads will always be better than one; team work pays.

All in all, 2Guns is worth your time and money to be spent at the cinemas if you haven’t watched it. Some proof: 2Guns has been on top of the Nigerian Weekend Box Office list for over 5 weeks now. Trust me on this one, it is a good watch.



My Score: 8/10

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1 Comment

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    11th October 2013 at 11:52 pm

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