Movie Review: Baggage Claim

I was a bit sceptical about going to watch this movie at the cinemas considering that the title did not seem enticing to me one bit, but I ended up making the trip so as not to ‘judge the film by its title’; now I think I should have listened to my guts…… Or should I?

I can only imagine what @Moviepencil has to say about the movie but here’s my OWN OPINION of it:

Garbage claim, oops! Baggage claim has the right cast to fit the comedy genre, or should I say romantic-comedy genre. The movie has an outrageous count of good laughs in it (lines such as “I think the King of Zamunda has come to visit” with the character to fit such) but this is not enough to balance the onslaught of clichés it delivers from beginning to end.

10 minutes into the movie, I could predict how the plot would play out and ‘surprisingly’, my expectations were not cut short, one bit!

The ‘True Story’ it assumes for the ladies is this, ‘you don’t need a man to define you’, however Baggage Claim took so many unrealistic convoluted & predictable routes to show this.

If you’re in search of a combination of romance & comedy that makes some sense, my advice to you is look way way further….. all you get here is comedy, rated PG-13.

While Baggage Claim was devoid of an innovative plot it had the great comedic performances to sugarcoat the lapses and without the funny scenes and cast members, I would have scored this movie a 3 or 4/10 but I can’t deny that the director (David E. Talbert) did well on the laughs so I’ll give it a 6/10.

Don’t hesitate to go watch this movie; it may not necessarily be your first choice at the cinemas, but I’d like to know your own thoughts about it when you’re done.

Your pal,
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