Movie Review: Is Captain Philips on its way to a Best Picture Nomination?

Its the last quarter of the year & with it comes movies that generate ‘Awards Buzz’….and while I have a feeling that Gravity in all its awesomeness may be shunned by these awards guys, I doubt any of them will be able to easily overlook Captain Phillips.

If you doubt my above statement, consider this:

  • Captain Phillips is based on ‘True’, seemingly important events…
  • The Story it illustrates is a very captivating one and provides enough opportunity for the acting talents of the various cast to be showcased well….
  • The movie has got Tom Hanks in it… Tom Hanks can be classified as an Awards Magnet.
  • Watch it and tell me if you don’t feel like one certain skinny black dude should be given an award of some sort for playing his role excellently.

Moving from its awards opportunities, Captain Phillips takes a story that could very easily become a boring drag and coats it with a good script, a few ounces of laughs, some solid performances by both known and new actors and delivers a movie you can’t fault much.

Unfortunately, even though you can’t fault the movie much, you can forget it really fast after watching it! THIS MOVIE AIN’T NO DJANGO or SILVER LININGS OR EVEN ZERO DARK THIRTY so you won’t find it being talked about much.

Looking at the content, we are delivered with some serious Pirates of the Atlantic stunts with swords replaced by guns and sail ships replaced by motor boats and large engine ships but is this enough to push it to a Best Picture Nomination? We think not…..But we can see it receiving some acting nominations, hopefully.

Captain Philips is showing in cinemas now so you can give it a shot and tell us what you think.

Rating: 7.5/10
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