Award Winning Nigerian Short ‘Unspoken’ tackles a tough subject, and does so succinctly.

I was having a conversation the other day with some friends and the topic of good Nigerian made movies was brought to the limelight. As usual it became somewhat heated and exciting but there was a general consensus that a lot of us Nigerians ‘excuse away’ the successes of our nation.

It’s almost like we are wired to give excuses for quality products from Nigeria. We are doomed to think that no good thing can be 100% Nigerian. There just has to be some sort of foreign input for it to be somewhat good.

‘Unspoken’ is not here to change anybody’s mind on the above notion, in fact it may enforce it more in your minds as it’s cast and crew are mostly if not 100% Nigerians in Diaspora who have come together to make a very well put together movie.

Synopsis: ‘Unspoken’ is a short movie written by Ola Laniyan Amoako and Edith Nwekenta, directed by Sunny King and starring Marlene Abuah, Segilola Scott, Imanuel Orwi Ameh and Amour Owolabi. It has won multiple awards including Best Short Movie at the Nollywood Movie Awards 2013 and Best short at the London independent Film festival 2013.

Review…. For a movie that is just 10minutes long, Unspoken conveyed a lot from the screen to the audience.

The central topic of this movie is one that is playing in various ways across media content these days; however I believe it was a bold move for the director to tackle it considering the reception the issue has had in mainstream Nigeria. Some may attribute this to the fact that he is not based in the country and it’s not a commercial output but whatever, it was a bold move.

The acting was very impressive. It’s typical for one to ‘feel the acting’ when watching a Naija film but watching two girls having an in-house conversation that didn’t seem forced or artificial was a breadth of fresh air. The subtle jokes and camaraderie they portrayed actually made them seem like two long time friends ‘just gisting’.


The script was good….. I mean very good! I want you to take note of a line in the film that says, ‘I promise you, there is no other woman’. I believe we need more subtle references like this when we craft scripts for our films.

Continuity was also a breadth of fresh air but this may be due to the length of the film. They did not have space for any silly dilly dallying.

The infusion of non-intrusive background music to match certain scenes is a good take home for the movie as well. The film was able to convey the emotions from the scenes more effectively just because of this score.


This movie was a good ten minutes spent and I found myself smiling at the end. The only issue I had was the initial shock expressed by Marlene towards the end…. I felt it came too early; this however was made up for a few seconds later with the cliff-hanger the movie ended with.

The question now becomes does she say anything or not?

Watch the Movie here and TELL US WHAT YOU THINK!


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