Desolation Of Smaug Heats Up The Hobbit Series While Delivering Amazing Cinema.

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug is the second movie in the adaptation of J.R.R Tolkien’s 1937 prequel to the Lord of the Rings books, ‘The Hobbit’.

The movie continues where we left off at the end of last year’s ‘An Unexpected Journey’ which turned out to be an ‘unexpected’ billion dollar movie.  While ‘An Unexpected Journey’ rubbed off to a lot of movie goers as a lengthy, non-thrilling follow up to the always captivating Lord of the Rings series, most are hoping this image can be redeemed by Desolation of Smaug?

Joining me in today’s review is Don Diei who’s other reviews you can read here and here. Take the trip with us and drop your comments at the end.


MoviePencil: ‘The Hobbit’ is the smallest in J.R.R Tolkein’s middle earth books and this fact is telling on the plot of the movie. Peter Jackson has taken it upon himself to adapt every bit of the book while adding some ‘jara’ which makes the movie unbearable at some points, overall though, it reminds us that middle earth is always an exciting place to escape to in the movies.

The script is an exciting breadth of fresh air as well….wit, mixed with Medieval English and Smaug’s epic smugness makes Desolation a fun watch. This could however be a major turn off to the local audience who may not be used to the way of speaking or have the patience for smaug’s lengthy dialogue with his prey.

Don Diei: For me, Best Script is definitely not within their reach at the Oscars, as we are bombarded with yet another over-stretched story. We saw more action this time around though which was good, aided by the Elves getting more screen time. Legolas however seemed lost; an unnecessary addition.


MoviePencil: Immediately I hear certain directors are behind a movie I get excited about the production. Peter Jackson is one of them and does not disappoint with his latest interpretation of middle earth. He’s gone ahead and used new technology (filmed using a shooting and projector frame rate of 48 frames per second), but this cannot be experienced locally in our cinemas. Beyond this, the portrayal of well sized men as dwarfs, large spiders, epic fighting scenes make the production easily one of the best 2013 has had to offer.

I have a question though: Must the bad creatures in these epic films be so ugly? All offence intended, those Orcs were fugly!!!!!!!!! Smaug is truly a sight to behold and just seeing him flex his ferocity made me forget a few minutes that the movie was 2hrs 40mins long.

Don Diei: Desolation of Smaug is a definite contender for best graphics and costume at next year’s Oscars. It had the typical epic movie setting, with all the green, forests, and mythical creatures… and the dragon Smaug standing out. His conversation with another outstanding performer Bilbo was my favorite scene in the movie, the Halfling taking humor to a whole new level. They barely put a foot wrong, continuing the great middle-earth tradition. J.R.R Tolkien would’ve been pleased.


One thing Middle Earth has never lacked is characters! From the graceful elves that almost always look like they are floating, to the agbero’s that they call dwarfs, to our dear wizard uncles and their eccentricities; all the characters come alive even more in this Hobbit installment.


MoviePencil: I SEE FIRE!!!!!!! As we write this, I have probably listened to that song 20-30 times. The score by the amazing Howard Shore made middle earth seem even more real, but as the movie ended (at another very wonderful cliffhanging moment I may add) and I was about to dash out of almost 3 hours in one seat, the song I See Fire comes on and I’m glued to one spot intrigued. Ed Sheeran keeps showing himself up!…. Good for him cos it truly is an amazing song.

The Desolation of Smaug is an even bigger step in the right direction for The Hobbit films and may very well be on its way to equaling its predecessor’s box office tally. It definitely is a film to watch this holiday season. Rating: 9

Don Diei: Seems 2013 hasn’t been that terrible after-all. Rating: 8

Final Rating: 8.5
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