Updated [News] CG Africa: New online portal dedicated to CG artists and enthusiasts in Africa

Ostudiolabs introduces a robust online portal dedicated to the advancement of computer graphics (CG) in Africa. The portal is called CG Africa. www.cgafrica.com

According to the press release, CG Africa’s goal is to be a lead and influential online magazine and resource centre for the community of CG artists in architecture, animation, game and the movie industry working in both Africa and beyond.

It will provide valuable resources for both professionals and fledgling artists who need to stay updated in the dynamic industry. A community where experts can learn from one another, share information, resources and ultimately advance the course of the profession.


New visitors to the site will have access to industry related news and will be able to view works showcased by community members.

Users can subscribe or register to the site for free. Registered users (members) will have the ability to create their own identity through a profile page where they can provide such information such as their skill set, work experience and even upload a copy of their CV.

There are various divisions within the portal that will help foster the development of CG. The training and store sections are designed specifically for companies and individuals who want direct access to industry materials and resources.

As part of a way to warm up visitors to the portal, Ostudioslabs is made a 135 second animated video in full HD that will tell the African story of resilience, tenacity and triumph within the CG industry. They are confident the video will be a masterpiece and a ‘first of its kind’ therefore raising the standard of CG in Africa.

Now Check out the video here

Ostudiolabs is seeking to work with leading industry experts and gladly welcome ideas, suggestions and offer of companionship from experts in Africa and across the globe. To facilitate any communication check out more information about them below:



Ostudiolabs is a full service animation and visualization company covering all aspects of 3D and 2D animation for CG movies, video games, branding and TV commercials. They are currently working to produce a full length feature animated movie titled: simi visits grandma

Kindly direct all enquiries concerning CGAfrica to info@ostudiolabs.com

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