Is The Amazing Spider-man 2 a befitting sequel?

Anyone who is an ardent follower of the entertainment scene would notice that Marvel is on a mission to milk every last coin from its superhero franchises… ‘The Amazing Spider-man 2’ is the second Marvel cinematic release in the last month and we have another one slated to hit the screens in two weeks; not to mention the million and one TV Shows springing up, but we’re not complaining…… are you?

It’s also no secret that the Marvel folks have sorta mastered the art of making movies for the big-screen with ‘The Amazing Spider-man 2’ being no exception. I mean from my review of ‘The Amazing Spider-man’, you probably know that I am ‘drunk in love’ with this version of Spider-man, so I was very excited to see my guy take on the slew of villains in this installment.

‘Visuals are out of this world, acting is off the chain, chemistry is boiling off the screen but something still seems a little…. off.’

The cast is top notch. Andrew Garfield feels more like he was made, just for this role, Emma Stone is as adorable, charming, funny and geeky as ever, Paul Giamatti is believable as a Russian mobster, Jamie Foxx is flexing his voltage packs as Electro and Sally field blew Aunt May out of the park. Unfortunately, James Franco feels like a better Harry Osbourne – maybe I just haven’t gotten used to the slick perm version Dane DeHann was portraying or the character development was a bit off, in any case, I aint buying this version, sorry.

As for the plot….. This movie could have been a tad shorter. It’s just about five minutes longer than ‘Captain America: Winter Soldier’ but unlike Cap where we don’t realize it, we notice just how loooonnnng this movie is.

What this installment has done is provide more of an insight to the history of the Parker family and why a genetically modified, radioactive Spider would bite this particular nerdy kid and turn him into Spider-man and not ‘Spider-freak’.

The saving grace is that the visuals were immaculate. If you have been a long-time fan of Spider-man and have played the video games, you know the scenery of his escapades play a huge role in appreciating his art as a hero. This is demonstrated in ‘The Amazing Spider-man 2’ so well, it is ridiculous.

Was it a befitting sequel? This cannot be answered with a straight-forward yes or no.

Yes, a lot of big-guns were pulled out in a ploy to get the audience to forget that it wasn’t so long ago we headed to the cinemas to watch a certain Spider-man 2′.

The truth is, we may not be able to forget anytime soon, but the old films are slowing fading out of our consciousness and we are slowly accepting that this set of movies will remain with us till at least 2018. What I can’t wait to see like right now, is how Spidey’s character and the story evolve from the pivotal place it ended (go watch the movie to find out).

In any case, Spidey has proven once again that he is one of the most loved Superheroes and in three weeks of release has already raked in $550million in box office receipts. Something a certain cool clawed fellow is dreaming to achieve #NoShade.

No matter, ‘The Amazing Spider-man 2’ is still a must see at the cinemas, if not for being the most Amazing film to be released in the cinemas this year, but for the fact that it’s probably the best thing to see on the big screen right now. (Well, except you still haven’t seen Captain America: Winter Soldier).

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