Desmond Elliot’s A Silent Cry (Ekun Asunsinu) makes you cry for the wrong reason.

I mean it people and I’m not trying to be insensitive to whatever efforts that might have gone into the whole production (by Ms Taiwo Adebayo) directing (Desmond Elliot) and the production studio (Titan) but I’m of the belief that if a Nigerian movie makes it into the Theaters, then it should be something that must have required so much effort and at the same time, has a good story and plot to deliver when compared to others I’ve seen in the past.

I’m afraid I was hugely disappointed.

Movie Synopsis 

The story revolves around Tomiwa (Toyin Aimakhu), a young lady from a comfortable home, who falls into the deceptive net of her lover. Having committed an act termed as unforgivable by her father, she is thrown into the sea of loneliness and battles with the waves of indecision, betrayal and dark secrets that threatens her very existence and the unity of her family.

Movie was subtitled in English as it was a Yoruba movie. I believe this was the only redeemable quality of the movie asides the video quality.

The movie happens to parade A-list Yoruba stars such as Adebayo Salami, Toyin Aimakhu Johnson, Dayo Amusa, Yinka Quadri, Antar Laniyan, and Ayo Adesanya but under-utilizes these characters in a badly plotted story.

Though the synopsis tends to draw one to the cinemas in a deceptive trap, it drops you right back onto the floor and it does it hard. The film lacks the ability to grace the screen with credible continuity and when it finally ends, it slaps your face almost as if to tell you, “You should have stopped watching a long time ago. What were you waiting for? A miracle?”

Oh but I stayed and made sure I finished the movie hoping that the promising look of the production and video quality coupled with the director would someway somehow pull the right strings and set the movie right but no it didn’t.

It even pulled a deux machina on me. That was how ruthless this movie was. Oh the horror!

Casting and Dialogue

This movie had ‘no good deed’ to deliver. Even the protagonist Tomiwa (Toyin Aimakhu) who I was meant to empathize with didn’t draw any emotional cords from me. Rather, due to the unrealistic dialogue she had with her family and her friends, and her tears that seemed like asthma attacks, I was even drawn less to the story. I really wanted to, believe me, but when a protagonist keeps doing things that constantly irritate the audience, there’s no way one can be drawn to such a character.

But if the director’s motive was to keep me irritated with the protagonist or ensure that all the characters in his movie were unlikable or unrelatable, then he did a good job. The only thing he would then need to work on is the title of the movie since it failed to deliver on its promise.

Secondly, someone needs to tell the actors and actresses to stop looking into the screen, its distracting. Also could the director try and keep the actor who’s supposed to enter in the next minute very hidden so the audience is not left to wonder what’s going on and what’s not. I want to assume it’s an error which wasn’t edited because it stood out. It’s supposed to be acting, not a reality show thank you very much.

The other actors played their roles well. Antar Laniyan is a good actor as always, Yinka Quadri delivered his little role well. It’s been a while I’ve seen Ayo Adesanya grace our screens but she did effortlessly well. I want to commend Toyin Aimakhu too. I’m assuming the script-writers and the director were responsible for the observed flaws but asides that, she really did alright.


Movie score and Soundtrack did not ease the movie’s situation. I think the directors should pay more attention to the scores, sound editing (in this case, someone talking over the phone and making it sound like the recipient was just in the next room). Even the music needs to blend with the movie as there was a particular song that just pulled me out of the movie as it had nothing to do with the theme.

Overall, our verdict is…..

What did you think of the movie?

Was it great for you?

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