The Hundred Foot Journey: A pleasing blend of culture and cuisine.

As a lover of movies and a film critic, the act of watching a movie sometimes feels like a chore as supposed to entertainment. Don’t get me wrong, it’s so much fun to watch movies and even more fun to analyse them.  However, it sometimes feels too structured and can get grueling putting one’s thoughts to words.

the-hundred-foot-journey-new-sceneWhat helps us however, is the constant dose of awesomeness we encounter on the journey of film critiquing….. For me, ‘The Hundred Foot Journey’ was just that. It was the second movie I was seeing in a short space of time that I had thoroughly fallen in love with (The Fault in our Stars was the first).

It had been a while I had been opportune to visit the cinema due to various reasons so I decided on a whim to spend a full day watching movies at Ozone Cinemas.

First stop, was a movie about an Indian family that relocates to a small town in France and decides to open a restaurant a hundred feet from one of the most critically acclaimed restaurants in town.

With production credits boasting of heavyweights Steven Spielberg and Oprah Winfrey and cast featuring veterans Om Puri and Helen Mirren, my mind was prepared to experience quality delivery of characters and an amazing story and boy, was I not let down!

100FootJourneySceneThe director Lasse Hallström does a good job bringing the story to life; and similar to other Bollywood/Hollywood collaborations like Slumdog Millionaire and Life of Pi the acting is top notch and heartfelt.

I haven’t read the book this movie was adapted from, but if the history of book adaptations to film is to be taken into consideration, then it must be an amazing book.

The entire movie is an epitome of ‘the feel good movie’ with a good blend of culinary magic across two very different cultures with contrasting feeding tastes. I wouldn’t advise anyone to go into this one on an empty stomach but I sure would advise all who love to enjoy a good story that can create butterflies in the stomach to take some time out to watch this.

The acting goes from subtle to fiery and then back, the meals go from fine dining to mouth-watering and back, the characters develop so effortlessly right before our eyes and the story keeps unfolding like a rose bud blossoming to great beauty.

BThis was a great way for me to start off my cinema binging day as I was left feeling happy and wanting more when the credits started rolling.

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