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This is a question usually asked in annoyance or even fury on movie reviews sites by trolls fans of films/filmMakers who get angered when their film gets criticized,panned, badly reviewed.

There’s a definition for this

Roger Ebert - your movie sucks

APPEAL TO ACCOMPLISHMENT is a genetic fallacy wherein Person A(Movie Producer) challenges a thesis(bad review) put forward by Person B(Cinema Patron or Reviewer) because Person B(Patron or Reviwer) has not accomplished similar feats or accomplished as many feats(made a film) as Movie Producer


The question is meant to say one of two things(or both)

You haven’t made a film so you are not in the position to say what is wrong with this one.

You haven’t made one, so shut up and don’t complain/criticize until you do so.

Some go as far as name calling and throwing all sort of insults at people that give their film a bad review.

So, if they like your film, they have great taste, but if they dont, the fact they have not made a movie makes their opinion invalid? Hmmmmmm. What if they hate your current movie but liked the previous one so much that they saw it a second time and bought tickets for 5 friends to see it too. Is their opinion still invalid? Are they still a “hater”, “a failed actor/producer that is jealous” ?

As someone once said “So to criticize a film one must be a filmmaker? That makes no sense”

So is a person’s opinion only valid if they like it?

Hold that thought for a minute and let’s apply that to some other situations.


-Your phone network provider gives horrible service, and while you have not been able to make calls you have been charged, but before you call them or write on social media about how horrible they are. Which network have you run, operated?


-You have a wedding to attend, a material to sew but your regular tailor is unavailable, so you have to leave it with his apprentice. He does a horrible job, wasting the material and the result is unwearable. Do you complain or keep quiet because you have never made one before and therefore are in no position to complain?

This is hilarious but your movie sucks


-You eat at a restaurant, but the food is horrible, under-cooked and over-salted, plus the staff are rude and incompetent. Very upset, you ask for the manager. But think for a moment. You have never run a restaurant, you have never coordinated multiple culinary staff. Who are you to question their service just because you paid to eat there?


-You are watching your favorite team play yet another disappointing match. With the emotional investment you put in this team you expect much more. The manager uses bad formations, he benches the good players and refuses to buy good players even though he has the money to do so. In your opinion he’s an idiot. But before you start a hashtag to campaign his removal, think, You haven’t run a football team before, you have not been in his position. Which team have you managed?

We all have something we are passionate about that sometimes disappoint us eg a sport team . We have services we pay for and expect to give us our money’s worth but many times don’t . Wont you be livid if after getting bad service , you are asked by the CEO/Manager, “Shutup, Which one have you made “?


Do you have to be able to run a restaurant to expect good service? Must you posses the skills of Sir Alex to recognize that a team is underperforming? Is it a requirment to have been a LGA Chariman or Governor, before you have the right to complain about the lack of provision of basic infrastructure in the city you reside?

Back to the film world

Steven Spielberg has won multiple Oscars, BAFTA, Golden Globes, Directors Guild Awards, Producer’s Guild Awards, his films have made over $15 billion, he has made many iconic films and inspired MANY filmmakers all over the world. He is arguably the most recognized director in the world, even by those who may have never seen his films (or know they have) and he STILL has people that don’t like his films. People who have their valid reasons for not taking him seriously as a filmmaker (too sentimental, too sugary,too commercial, too this too that)

Movies that suck

I was on the Facebook page of Criterion Collection, and there was a post in which they quoted Chris Nolan saying he never went to film school and was self taught , the comments that followed showed how many people were not impressed by the billions his films had made at the box office; comments like these

“His poor film grammar in action sequences and gimmicky narrative style makes his admission about a lack of formal training kind of obvious”

another commenter said

“he doesn’t seem to understand the most basic elements of action, like where to point the camera and when to cut, and his plotting is of course a mess (see the aimless, bloated last third of most of his movies). Most self-taught filmmaker learn this stuff by watching other movies, but maybe his ego and grand “vision” got in the way? He is ambitious, I’ll give him that, but he doesn’t have the talent to match”

WAIT, there’s more

On IMDb some headlines for viewers’s reviews (not critics) for INCEPTION were

INSIPID – The pointless film

You are not as stupid as Nolan thinks you are


Good idea lost in the noise

One of the most overrated films ever! The most un-dreamlike film about dreams I’ve ever seen!

Boring, too long, illogical, awful dialogue

I’m sure you know of Nolan’s accomplishments (you can look them up) so, if HE can still get reviews like those and some people look at his work or Spielberg’s and go BLEH!!! Then?


Unless you have the level of worldwide acclaim, regard and ability to greenlight an original project with $100m+ budget, why do you expect absolutely EVERYONE , to fall in love with your film(s), or cease to have an opinion otherwise? Does it make it any easier to swallow criticism? No, but it is a REALITY of every creative endevour that some people for valid or invalid reasons, just wont like your output, and they reasons they don’t like it will be the very same reasons others LOVE IT.

Unless you want to give up your right to complain or be upset about ANYTHING you invested in emotionally or financially regardless of how it disappointed ; “Which one have you made” should be eliminated.

While some comments on those sites are indeed immature, malicious, bitter and downright idiotic, some are a result of careful analysis; maybe it’s an opportunity to analyze what is being said, see if there is any validity.

If there isn’t , discard it and move on or better yet, stay away from reviews. Many of the best and successful film makers in the world have gotten horrible reviews both from critics and fans when their films don’t meet expectation or the standard they have set, so it happens to the very best . But posing such a question makes one appear one of the following; arrogant, unwilling to learn or maybe a little insecure.

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