The Purge: Anarchy proves that Human Nature is what’s wrong with the world afterall

I was able to believe this school of thought after watching this movie and believe me folks, it’s not religion we’ve always cried against because that has been manipulated by our nature as well, it’s not something we seek to throw the blame on while claiming we’re the best thing that happened to earth daring to push other things aside.

It’s our nature, something so dark and so deep that even a ‘purge’ in physical manifestation cannot cure.

This may try to deceive people that it has advantages such as the decline and corruption rates in the country due to the one-night purge but let’s face it.

This movie reeks of the terror and the degree to which the human mind can go when the bars caging them through the laws provided by the government is removed. I’m not a fan of horror but this one brought a new angle to horror and action. I mean there was a point it felt so real I sat terrified throughout the whole movie.

Three groups of people are trying to survive Purge Night, when their stories intertwine and are left stranded in The Purge try to survive the chaos and violence that occurs.

The movie was written and directed by James DeMonaco while featuring Frank Grillo(Captain America) Carmen Ejogo(Sister in Sparkle) Zach Gilford, Kiele Sanchez, Michael K. Williams and Zoe Sanchez.

If you were unable to watch the first and have no idea what the purge means, see it as a movie that wants you to imagine a day you break the rules of crime and go lengths with your human nature without going to jail for it.

It is a sequel to the 2013 Film the Purge which was less thrilling than it’s sequel that graced our cinemas this year because this had me terrified and pondering even after watching.

The fear of what if this was brought into reality?

What if some crazy government decided it was best to make this happen?

What if we suspended logic and reasoning for one minute and tried to put our imaginations to play as the writer and director did, would I survive?

Who would come after me?

Would I participate in the crazy bloody purge or just squirm in my bed praying that my house isn’t located for any purge action that night.

Even after that night, there’s a countdown to 365 days before the next purge.

And then I shake my head. This purge thing is not a purge in the first place. It is the absolute ruining of mankind. And then I begin to thank God for laws, for rules and for the sanity of some.


Or we’d be living in terror every 365days after the purge and that’s if you have always been nice to every single person you ever knew.

Who knows, you might escape the wrath of some folks.

But then, we have the rich people who might just want to have fun or purge for kicks on that night as well.

Soundtrack was in sync with the thrilling moments of the movie, it had me glued to the screen compared to its first where I just wanted the movie to end after 30-40 minutes into it. This one had the ability to keep me tensed and speculating, wondering what would happen next and even rooting for a purger turned purgee to make it. Yea, if a director has the ability to make you feel for someone who should have been an antagonist, then he knows how to do his work well.

Writing and directing was good. Dialogue pretty tight and even some scenes looked so real I could almost feel it. The tension and everything. I felt like I was there with them, running for my life. Running from the purge and then coming face to face with it.

In my opinion, I would say the movie is Crazy. It’s ridiculous but crazy still. That’s the only word I have for it. It’s just not normal because nothing gets solved by killing someone or raping someone or breaking into people’s homes just because they did you wrong.

Secondly because all emergency services have been suspended and so woe betide anyone who has nothing to defend herself or himself.

One may even feel his day of vengeance has arrived. He may think it makes tit for tat very sweet, but no, it only makes things worse, and leaves a scar on the wounded for the rest of their lives.

This is not a purge, it’s a slimy disease that has grown into something bigger and it’s swallowing people whole because they took the wrong approach to solve the problem.

What was that again? Oh yea, The human nature.

Overall, I would give this a HB. Whats your take on it? DO hit me up on the comments. Thanks

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