Taken 3, Selma and The Oscars….. Just another MoviePencil Post.

Let’s do this!!!

It’s been a while since I sat down to write. Too Long!

But I’m really trying to get back in the game, which is why I’m just going to freestyle this one.

So what has been bugging me recently? Well Selma didn’t get nominated enough at the Oscars, but I’m just going to mention my disappointment at that and move on.

January has been very slow. I mean, if the best Naija Cinemas can boast of in January is Taken 3, then we know that something is really out of place. Yep, Liam Neeson came back in Taken 3 and while it is not as irrelevant as Taken 2, it still inspires the question, Why??!! The plot of Taken was one that hit me and audiences around the world by delightful surprise back in 2008, but as we have come to expect from Hollywood, no good thing is left un-milked. Taken went from being an awesome movie to a very average trilogy.

Did anyone realize that no one was really ‘Taken’ as such in the plot for this installment? Well, no wahala sha, the millions are still rolling in for the franchise. Thankfully, they have decided to end with this one, which reminds me of the franchises and TV shows that either have ended or are coming to an end, including The Hobbit trilogy, The Hunger Games, The Mentalist, Glee (Thank you Father for this one), and if my prayers are answered The Vampire Diaries (please join me in praying for this one to end).

Before I forget, what is up with all the hate going on in the world? In my humble opinion, the level of dissatisfaction in the lives of people has gone up drastically!!! I mean, just go through the comments section of some blogs and watch how people are cussing each other’s lives, futures, and pasts; issuing threats like they are Al-Qaeda or Boko Haram, all because the other person does not agree with their opinion on certain matters.

It would be too much for me to even dignify any of the comments by mentioning or posting them but may I say this, ‘ Eyin people, CHILL!!!’ Ahan! When did we all become so intolerable? I mean, yes, Ava DuVernay may have deserved an Oscar nomination for Selma, and if as a fan, a person points that out, it’s not enough to drag all the racial issues in America out at them and begin world war three in the comments section of a post. But then again I’m not American so I can’t be a faithful high priest on the matter.

Moving on, I recently saw a few movies with Awards buzz surrounding them and was reminded all over again why I love movies. All of them had SOMETHING TO SAY! These movies each picked a scintillating plot and crafted an impressive way of telling their story. This made me ask myself, how often do I get this feeling when I watch a production from home? Not as much I must say. I really wish much more.

Can we get to the point where we can write epistles about the awesomeness that is a Nollywood movie already, I’m tired of criticising and complaining, it’s not healthy. Yes, I really am looking forward to Dazzling Mirage this year and I was glad to watch a few movies last year. But in a ₦Billion industry, we need to start telling stories that matter. What exactly are we trying to say with our movies? What is the legacy we are building as a film industry? I look forward to Nollywood making even greater strides in 2015.

Finally, Valentine’s Day is coming people!!!! Who will be your Val this year? Will it be #GMB, #GEJ or any of #TheOther13Running?

Please try and be objective when deciding, yes, your emotions matter but use them to be productive and not destructive and if you don’t have your PVC yet, abeg, what are you waiting for?

On that note, I will end with this quote, ‘Dear Nigerian Cinemas, please, we want #SELMA in our cinemas, thank you’.

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