Furious 7: Brian’s Last Ride is Incredible to say the least.

It’s almost inconceivable to think that a movie that started out just as a guilty pleasure, ‘one of ‘em kind’ movies would suddenly be such a huge franchise. I mean the first three films had a total combined worldwide box office less than what Fast Five made alone in the cinemas.

Somewhere along the line, the movies in the franchise actually got better…. The plot got intertwined across movies, the characters found themselves in scenes that connected with the audience across the world, and we lovers of the series were not just watching a group of adrenaline junkies portray amazing stunts on screen. The series had brought us a Family! One that had a certain skill set they put to use to ensure that they had each other’s backs!

All of a sudden, the plot line had us hooked, stunts became more elaborate and as is expected when beloved characters die on screen, we started feeling some sort of grief and attachment as the series progressed. So it was with great enthusiasm that the world accepted the news that a #Furious7 was going to be released after the awesomeness that was #FastAndFurious6. But will that enthusiasm remain now that we have had the chance to watch the movie?

Furious 7 SceneshotTragedy hit the series in real life after Paul Walker, who plays detective turned race car driver Brian O’Conner died in a car accident in 2013. Production was stalled, the release of the movie was pushed back and the film was completed with the aid of CGI, voice effects and Walker’s brothers who were used as stand-ins. But would the movie deliver as much as we expect?

One of the major positive points in my review of Fast and Furious 6 was that the series had grown in depth plot-wise. I was very appreciative of the good plot, the action scenes and definitely the camaraderie and wit among the major characters.

While most of this has not changed, Furious 7 seems like a step backwards for the Franchise. Yes, there’s still a good plot (although for a movie that served as a tribute to one of its stars, it wasn’t as emotional as I expected it to be), the camaraderie is still quite on point, but the overdose of incredible action scenes took most away from the movie. It was just a tad too much.


I mean c’mon we are not watching I-Robot or Cyborg Apocalypse where the characters are either half or full metal bodied machines that don’t get hurt easily; neither are we watching Sabrina the teenage witch where words can resuscitate! We are watching normal HBhuman beings who should normally get hit by a bicycle and break a leg! So some scenes were just like ‘hmm, yeah right’!!

That’s not saying the movie is an entirely horrendous ordeal cos it isn’t. Neither is it going be a flop cos that’s entirely impossible considering. What I’m saying is, as a fan of the series, I’m just a tad disappointed at #Furious7. It was too incredible for my tastes.

#Furious7 is currently showing in cinemas near you. It sure would be a nice film to enjoy over the #EasterHolidays.


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