Saro The Musical 2: Birthing A New Frontier in Wholesome Nigerian Entertainment

Ok, so recently, I have been on this crazy schedule that leaves very little room for the so called ‘fun things’ in life. So when I found out I had a whole day available to do whatever I wanted, my spirit was torn between curling up and sleeping all day or making the most of the day and planning a fun day out….. You surely know my decision, as this post is a fruit of my EXTREMELY fun day out.

It’s Easter Sunday, so the day started out with an amazing time in Church. Next up was the reason for this post, Saro: The Musical 2!, and finally I ended the day at the Lagos Grill and BBQ Festival. Long day, but worth it!


It’s not common for me to review stage plays, or write much about other entertainment but movies. Hence, you know it’s something special when, after experiencing Saro: The Musical 2, all I wanted to do was get in front of my laptop to write what may be difficult to describe as a review; as it is more like adulation for the awesomeness wrapped in this one play currently making waves in the city of Lagos.

Words seem to feel inadequate when describing the feat Bolanle Austen-Peters and everybody involved in the production of this show have achieved by their hard work, dedication and talent. There is so much attention to detail that gives Saro a world-class persona; the cast puts on its A-game bringing the characters to life while entertaining the audience out of their seats with thunderous applause; all this is laced with musical numbers from far and near, recent and ancient that drive home the story of four Johnnys-Just- Come as they encounter life in Lagos, the heartbeat of our great nation.

Saro the musical play day 3a

I’m not going to go into much detail about the story or characters as I don’t want to drop any spoilers for those who haven’t seen the production (if you’ve watched it, you already know it). But I will say this, the story is well told, extremely hilarious and is portrayed by actors whose stellar performances cannot go unnoticed in the entertainment world. In fact, I am already awarding them Best Ensemble in a Play. It doesn’t matter that I haven’t watched much plays or that I don’t have plaque to drop for them, I have awarded them and if you don’t agree, please feel free to start your own website and give the award to someone else. As for me, these guys were just astounding.

Saro the musical play day 3

I would also very much like to commend all the corporate and private sponsors of the production (una no drop money so I no go mention names), but know this, una do well!!! In an environment where great ideas and stories die an early death due to funding challenges, you have put yourself out and ensured that such an amazing product from our motherland sees the daylight and shines brightly to the world at large.

My hope is that even after tomorrow, the legend of Saro finds a way to be rebirth across the nation and beyond. It sure shows that the great minds in our entertainment industry are not as few as we thought. And it brings hope to the horizon that there is room in our entertainment industry for way more than Nollywood and Comedy Shows.

What was all this my big grammar for? Well it was just to say one thing, Saro: The Musical is the iiisssssshhhh!!!!!! and Olorun ni mo fi be yin, make it a date whenever the play airs again, so that Saro: The Musical is not just that great thing you heard everyone else talk about but never experienced.

I know I had an awesome time with awesome company.

I’ve got so many video gems from my experience but I will drop just this small snippet to whet your appetite… Just in case it returns in December.


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