WaltBanger’s Gbomo Gbomo Express Delivers Thrills and Much More

Earlier this year, I carried out an informal poll with some filmmaker friends and industry insiders as to what upcoming Nollywood movies they anticipated the most. I got quite a few responses, but a constant mention was the title, ‘Gbomo Gbomo Express’.

I was certainly curious. Was the movie so good that industry insiders would pour such praises as, ‘a must watch for audiences’?

Or was this a case of the ‘filmmaker’s film’ that fails to translate well with movie audiences.

These are questions I sought to answer, when I strolled into the cinema to catch a screening of ‘Gbomo Gbomo Express’ over the past weekend.

Before I get into the merits or demerits of the movie, I would like to point out that this is the first movie that has motivated me to write in a few months….. Says something right?

GbomoGbomoExpressMoviePoster‘Gbomo Gbomo Express’ is centred on the kidnapping of record label boss, Austin Mba and Cassandra, a beautiful socialite, after a celebratory night out at the club.

Things get increasingly complicated for the amateur kidnappers led by Francis, who has trouble keeping his girlfriend, Blessing and crazy sidekick, Filo, in check, as they shakedown Rotimi, Austin’s partner, to pay the ransom.

In other words, the synopsis reads like something out of low budget Hollywood.

Nonetheless, upon watching this movie, words seem to escape me as I try to describe how pleasantly surprised I was by it. Don’t get me wrong, with the good hype it had received, I was expecting an OK film, however, what I received was way more than OK!

Gbomo Gbomo Express is not the best Nollywood movie ever made. It is the Nollywood movie that has done one of the best jobs of synchronizing a worthwhile plot with awesome acting, top notch technical delivery and a soundtrack that brings every scene to life.

The first half of the movie does a good job of steadily pulling you into the story being told. On the other hand, the second half derails into an amazingly chaotic mess that keeps you glued to your seat wondering where the final destination for the story will be. To avoid dropping any spoilers, I will leave it here, just know that there’s a good plot twist for your consumption.

If you are one for technical perks, the camera work and sound in Gbomo Gbomo Express will give you a remarkable thrill.

Gbomo-Gbomo-Express movie still

If you are into good acting, then you will be making the right decision to see this movie…. Each cast member has done a fantastic job of bringing Gbomo Gbomo Express’ characters to life! From the pompous rich boy, the spoilt socialite, the runs girl trying to make ends meet, to the backstabbing snake, local tout and suave gangster, there’s such a diverse mix of characters to thrill the audience.B

Screen veterans Ramsey Noah and Shaffy Bello shine bright while current trendsetters Blossom Chukwujekwu, Gideon Okeke, Kiki Omeili, Gbenro Ajibade and Osas Ighodaro strut their stuff. This ensemble sure deserves some recognition and hopefully they get some.

If you are into comedy, there’s quite a dose of that here too. Certain scenes will make you fall out of your seat.

Whatever the case, don’t be left out, go watch Gbomo Gbomo Express, now showing in Cinemas near you.

If you have seen the movie, just use the comments section to tell others what you think

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