#NollyThursdays – Thunderbolt: Magun remains a classic…. 16 years later.

The second edition of #NollyThursdays held successfully at Genesis Deluxe Cinemas yesterday. This time, the event was a double dose of fun as it gave audiences a massive 16year #ThrowbackThursday with Tunde Kelani’s ‘Thunderbolt: Magun’ and a chance to celebrate with the Ace filmmaker as he turned 68.

Sitting through the movie brought back amazing memories of the first time I watched it as a teenager with my family. It also solidified my opinion that TK has made some of the most amazing classic films in Nollywood. Amazingly, I sorta enjoyed the movie more this time than the first time I watched it. Maybe as result of the big screen experience or rapid audience responses; whatever the case, Thunderbolt: Magun is a movie with a rich story, delivered with superb skill by the cast.

Uche Mac-Auley, lead actress in Thunderbolt was also on ground to interact with the audience and my God does she look even finer with age. She spent some time explaining her absence from the industry for so long, but made the big announcement of her return to Nollywood in two upcoming projects; a feature film and TV series premiering later in the year.

Thunderbolt: Magun  highlighted the importance of understanding our cultures and traditions. It also preached the message of collaboration and unity in the midst of differences be it tribal or otherwise. A message that never gets old in my opinion.

For his closing remarks, TK urged filmmakers to not only rely on advancement in technology when making films but to look inwards at the production value and rich indigenous stories which allow a 16 year old film to still find a place in the hearts of audiences.

If you missed yesterday’s edition of #NollyThursdays, make it a date next week at Genesis Deluxe Cinemas. The first two editions have been lit! and you can’t afford to keep missing out.

In the meantime, check out pics below:

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