Captain America: Civil War

It is somewhat odd that Captain America seems to have the best series of movies among the Avengers, given how the Captain is the simple fella with only a goals-worthy body for fit fam and a shield to show off … and the gentleman’s heart.

Yet these attributes have not stopped his story from being full of action and plots that keep the audience keenly interested, and “Captain America: Civil War” does not fall so short in that aspect.


In fact, the latest instalment to the Avengers storyline from Captain Steve’s perspective does rather well to pick the story up from last time out – “The Avengers: Age of Ultron” – and introduce new plots that promise to become interesting aspects of the Avengers storyline over time.

From the city that fell from the sky, the tale moves to /Lay-gors/, not /Lah-goz/, where an incident leads to what will bring about the discord in the team after Scarlet (not Johansson) Witch diverted a bomb to a part of a building that led to a dozen people dying.

And right then I thought, what a coincidence that Superman gets heat for just about the same thing in “Dawn of Justice” as the Avengers do here. Collateral Damage that is.


That led to consciously setting fight scenes in remote areas, ala that part in “Dawn of Justice” that Doomsday just happened to re-enter onto an uninhabited island somewhere not far off Metropolis, or in “Civil War” when the alarms went off at the airport to let TeamCap know TeamIronMan were in the house (hangar actually).

However, all that was forgotten the moment Black Panther came into the picture, well hello action blockbuster, let’s have it! Resilient, relentless, great fighter, a suit as strong as the Captain’s shield and in all, a burst of fresh air to the Avengers ensemble.

It really is difficult to write about Black Panther without dropping major spoilers, so all that can be said is the Panther is a really skilled fighter and has a pretty neat suit.


Anyway, the discord also brings Spiderman into the picture in his glorious youth and entertaining clumsiness but, still having trouble getting my head to adapt with the idea of an Aunt May looking all cougar in the peak of her second prime, rather than the beautiful sweetheart of a granny one is used to. I mean, Tony Stark found her attractive! Aunt May? Better to move on …

… to another aunt, Peggy. You know, Steve Rogers’ love interest of yore. How that story went too was a bit of an odd surprise, something which the movie seems to be full of apparently.

Overall, “Captain America: Civil War” does a good job in portraying the actual villain as well as fitting in a dozen superhero characters without making the scenes seem crowded.

Would have been nice to see at least one of the other Winter Soldiers restored, but that may have been pushing the movie’s allowance for guests; because at a point, it felt like one was watching “Iron Man: Civil War”.


So will you enjoy watching? Very much. It is easy to overlook some loose ends in it, it is a better spent couple of hours than “Dawn of Justice” was for sure, but maybe not as much as “Winter Soldier” remains. Marginally.

P.S: It will be no surprise to see Black Panther get a standalone movie before Hawk Eye and even Black Widow; who went badass at a point like Batman did when living up to his promise to Superman.

And, as always, don’t act like you do not know there will be post-credit scene(s) when you watch this. Sit put when the lights come on and ignore whomever you may be ‘inconveniencing’. Better to let them leave than not see the post-credit yourself on the big screen.

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