Can you feel the love? Yaayy!!! Disney is giving us a re-imagination of Lion King.

For a few years now, Disney has been remaking its Classics for a contemporary audience. From Maleficent to Cinderella to the recent box office hit The Jungle Book and the upcoming Beauty and the beast starring Emma Watson, the Studio is transforming our childhood memories of these stories.

All the remakes have performed well at the box office and had good reviews, obviously….. I mean they were stories and cartoons we grew up watching (well if you’re in my age bracket). So having them transformed to live-action movies with awesome computer-generated imagery (CGI) is like moving from Fan Ice to Coldstone.

Yesterday, The Walt Disney Studios and Director – Jon Favreau (Known for Iron Man, The Jungle book) officially confirmed that there would be a remake of the Lion King and that production is already in progress. You say what??!!!

Over the years, the Lion King universe has enjoyed a prequel – Lion King One and a half, a Broadway adaptation, and an animated television series (The Lion Guard), so a live action re-imagination is just an icing on this delicious cake. It goes to show that the Lion King story is one with great commercial worth.

We at the MoviePencil are excited about the news and we are sure the Nigerian fan base of the Lion King can’t wait to see this.

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