Dear AMVCA, Please Do Not Be Stupid……

…….Cos you are kinda our favourites!

The 2017 Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards (AMVCA) Nominees were announced last week and the reactions have poured in; both good and bad.

You see, I love the AMVCA and though it’s a viewer’s choice awards (where popularity has the chance to skew results, I think it’s probably the most organized awards platform on the continent; and

While I’ve not really commented on the AMVCA in prior years, I believe the time is ripe for me to air my grievances about this year’s nomination list.

Combination of nominees from TV Shows, Short Films and Feature Films in the same Category.

I really don’t know why the AMVCA does this, but, apart from the Best Movie, Best TV Show, Best Short Film and a few other technical categories, nominees are usually a combination from TV/Features/Shorts.

It may be due to a lack of sufficient nominees to fill individual categories where there is a split, or a bid to control the number of categories, or an opportunity to ensure short films/TV shows get nominations where they may otherwise get none. Whatever the case, this is not a fault to the AMVCA but it’s one of the aspects I really don’t enjoy.

I do not think there’s any harm in separating the TV category altogether and including online series which have become a phenomenon, while leaving the features and shorts together (there’s bound to be more nominees from features anyways). What implementing a split does, is give room to appreciate more stuff while not boxing the voting public in.

All the nominated films that haven’t been released yet.

No.3 of the AMVCA terms and conditions states that eligible films, made for television movies or television series should have been produced ‘AND‘ broadcast or publicly exhibited between the period …..

First let’s talk about the ‘AND‘ highlighted. It connotes that not only should the film have been made in the period stipulated, it should have been broadcast or publicly exhibited within the same period.

Second.. and I know this is probably where the AMVCAs may seek refuge.. what does broadcast or publicly exhibited mean? For a viewers choice awards show, I would presume that this means that the viewers who would vote for these films should have seen the films within the period stipulated. But it appears that it means that the Feature/TV Show/Short could have been publicly screened/broadcast for a select audience (e.g. the press), or at a film festival, or something other than a proper release into cinemas, or online release, DVD release, or shown on TV? Whatever the case, some of the nominations are very questionable in light of this.

I mean why would I want to vote for something I haven’t been given an opportunity to see…. and if a film/nominee wins for a Feature/TV Show/Short that is not publicly available or hasn’t been seen by the mass public does it not just confirm that ‘popularity’ and not necessarily ‘quality’ is the key to victory at a viewers’ choice awards?

Excuse me….. the Arbitration?

See, out of all  the snubs that I observed this year, the Arbitration hit me the hardest… I’m not even gonna mince my words here. You people messed up. You messed up big time with this one. Let’s get this straight.. the AMVCAs are free to nominate who they want (they did, didn’t they). My problem is that they decided to limit the film categories to Five (5) nominees, while allowing upto Seven (7) in others; even the Oscars sometimes have up to nine nominees for Best Picture. So dear AMVCA Jury, out of all the films that came out this year, you decided to first, limit your nominations to 5, then choose A Trip to Jamaica over Arbitration… SHAME!

No Best Director nomination for Niyi Akinmolayan? SHAME!

Best Writer…. A Trip Again? Someone will say I’m a hater but again I say, SHAME!!!

See… it’s a Viewers Choice Award and a lot of your categories are voted by the Public… why begin the process with already skewed nominees? If your heart was doing you wai wai because A Trip To Jamaica is the current highest grossing film in Nigeria, you could have just increased the number of nominations and allowed the voting public do whatever skewing necessary. Again I say… SHAME!

So dear AMVCAs, please let’s end this nonsense and not let it repeat next year, remember… you have a good reputation but it has been hit big by the disparities in this set of nominations.

Without further Ado though, below is the full list of nominations… for some of the categories, we have highlighted who our favorites are to win:

Best Supporting Actress

Ivie Okujaye – Something Wicked (Haven’t seen this…)

Somkele Idhalama – 93 Days

Adunni Ade – It’s Her Day

Ebele Okaro – Four One Love

Kehinde Bankole – 8 Bars and a Clef (We loved her in this though)

Khanyi Mbau – Happiness is a Four Letter Word

Namonde Mbusi – Vaya (And her too)

Best Supporting Actor In A Drama (Movie/TV series)

Gideon Okeke – 93 Days

Warren Masemole – Vaya

Kofi Adjorlolo – Ghana Must Go

Mpho Sebeng – The Jakes Are Missing

Rotimi Salami – Just Not Married

Nkem Owoh – Ghana Must Go

Elsaphan Njora – Kati Kati

Best Art Director

76 – Pat Nebo

93 Days – Bola Bello

Oloibiri – Chima Adighije

Happiness is a Four Letter Word – Gary Smith

Ghana Must Go – Godwin Ashong

Best Soundtrack/ Original Score

Oloibiri – Rex Ricketts

93 Days – George Kallis, Tunde Jegede and Banky W

No Good Turn – Brymo

The Encounter – Michael ‘The Truth’ Ogunlade

76 – Hyacinth Ogbu, Daps Agwom, Ukachi Nnachi (this was really good as well)

Best Cinematographer

Mrs Right Guy – Adze Ugah

93 Days – Yinka Edward

Happiness is a Four Letter Word – Lance Gewer

Oloibiri – Curtis Graham

76 – Yinka Edward

Best Actress in a Drama (Movies/TV Series)

Bimbo Akintola – 93 Days (It seems like its her award right?)

Ivie Okujaye – Slow Country (Was Slow Country Publicly Exhibited/Broadcast in the period under review and will it even hit cinemas before voting closes?)

Rita Dominic – 76 (Oh we loved Riri in this)

Adesua Etomi – The Arbitration

Zimkhita Nyoka – Vaya (Oh, she was amazing but who’s gonna vote for her considering Vaya may not even hit cinemas anywhere before the AMVCA awards show!)

Meg Ottamwa – Derailed

Hannah Ojo – Love is A Prank

Best Actor in  a Drama

RMD – Oloibiri

Ramsey Nouah – 76

Sambasa Nzeribe – Slow Country (my sentiments remain on this)

Gregory Ojefua – The Encounter (I really liked this but does he stand a chance against the heavyweights in the features…. well maybe)

Olu Jacobs – Oloibiri

Femi Jacobs –  Femi Jacobs (I guess he’s nominated for everything he did during the period and just being Femi Jacobs)

Best Actress in a Comedy

Tina Mba – Meet the In-Laws (Ehnn… sorry o, but we haven’t met the in-laws yet)

Uche Jombo – Wives on Strike

Dineo Moeketsi – Mrs Right Guy

Chioma Akpotha – Wives on Strike

Funke Akindele – Jenifa’s Diary (Kudos to all the other nominees but Funke keeps slaying with this one)

Funke Akindele – A Trip to Jamaica

Omoni Oboli – Wives on Strike

Best Actor in a Comedy

Imeh Umoh Bishop – The Boss is Mine

Ayo Makun – A Trip to Jamaica

Bovi Ugboma – It’s Her Day

Blossom Chukwujekwu – Ghana Must Go

Mike Ezuruonye – Brother Jekwu

Okey Uzoeshi – The Life of a Nigerian Couple (But we know that AY has a better chance of winning this)

Amechi Munagor – Meet the In-Laws

Best Writer

76 – Emmanuel Okomaiyi (Awesome but Vaya!!!)

The CEO – Tunde Babalola (I have my issues with this one)

A Trip to Jamaica – AY Makun (Edakun, what are you looking for in this category?)

Oloibiri – Samantha Iwowo

Ghana Must Go – Tunde Babalola

Vaya – Akin Omotoso

Best Movie West Africa

93 Days

76 (As they refused to nominate my Fave but even with that, you still got this)


A Trip to Jamaica


Best Movie South Africa

Mrs Right Guy

Happiness is a Four Letter Word

Vaya (Just because you’re the only one we have seen…. we still question why you’re nominated though)

The Jakes are Missing

All About Love

Best Movie East Africa


Naomba Niseme

Kati Kati



Best Overall Movie

Mrs Right Guy

Happiness is a Four Letter Word


93 Days


Naomba Niseme

Best Short Film or Online Video



Meet the Parents

Cat Face

Light Diaries: Spin Around

Best Documentary

Roots Gambia

Makoko: Futures Afloat


Amaka’s Kin: The Women of Nollywood

Petra’s Nebatean Heritage

Best Picture Editor (Movie/TV series)

Oloibiri – Nnodim Chigozie, Paula Peterson

Vaya – Vuyani Sondlo

76 – Emeka Ojukwu

Happiness is a Four Letter Word – Nicholas Costaras, Melanie Jankes Golden

93 Days – Antonio Ribeiro

Best Costume Designer

76 – Pat Egwurube

Oloibiri – Dele Akinleye, Chelsea Oliver

Ghana Must Go – Chiemela Nwagboso, Asantewa Clara Adjoa

Casino – Shileola Ibironke, Mojisola Sapara

King Invincible – Obijie

Best Indigenous Language  TV series/movies (Igbo)



Obi Nwanyi

Mmakwara series

Ikpe Omuma

Best Indigenous Language  TV series/movies (Hausa)


Mafarin Tafiya

Yaki Da Zuciya


Best Indigenous Language  TV series/movies (Yoruba)

Somwhere in The Dark – Abiodun Jimoh, Jumoke Odetola

Ode Iku – Samsideen Adesiyan

Ajoke Aiye – Olaide Olabanji

Tobajewo – Omirefa Titus

Iman – Oluwatoyin Bankole

Best Indigenous Language  TV series/movies (Swahili)

Siri Ya Mtungi

Mganga Bomba




Best TV series

Jenifa’s Diary (talk about going global)

Sokhulu and Partners season 3


Beneath the Lies

Beyond Your Sight: The Police Story

Best Lighthing Designer (Movies/TV series)

93 Days – Elliot Sewape

Oloibiri – Amisu Alade, Edwin Lau

76 – Yinka Edwards

Happiness Is A Four Letter Word – Lance Gewer Sasc

A Trip To Jamaica – Fabian Hooks

Best Sound Editor (Movies/TV series)

93 Days – Pius Fatoke, Mzukisi Mtshiselo

Oloibiri – Mike Barnitt

76 – Solomon Emmanuel

Mrs Right Guy – Jean Niemandt

Vaya – Richard Mohlari, Dave Hawkins

Best Make Up Artiste (Movies/TV series)

76 – Chinwe Elovah

Oloibiri – Hakeem Onilogbo Ajibola, Perekeme Odon

Umililo – Ronwyn Jarrett

93 Days – Thema Ozzy Smith, Lola Maja-Okojevoh, Adetunmi Imoteda

Happiness Is A Four Letter Word- Dianne Allen

Best Director

Mrs Right Guy – Adze Ugah

93Days – Steve Gukas

Oloibiri – Curtis Graham

76 – Izu Ojukwu

A Trip to Jamaica – Robert O Peters

Ghana Must Go – Frank Rajah


Remember, the highlighted ones are just our faves to win, and to ensure your favorites win, you have to VOTE for them.

Sound off in the comments.

Dear AMVCA, Please Do Not Be Stupid……
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