Watch Now: Fascinating Short Film – Bariga Sugar

Remember that time at AFRIFF when I raved about the amazing short film Bariga Sugar? Well now, said short film is available to watch folks!! What’s it about?

Bariga Sugar is a tale of friendship narrated in the slum brothel of Bariga Sugar. It tells the tale of human connection in a setting that hardly gets explored in our films. Most importantly, it tells the story of naive friendship between two kids before all the prejudices of the world set in.

This short film struck a deep chord within me at AFRIFF, reminding me of the everyday Nigerian and how our very relevant experiences and tales need to keep being portrayed on film. Even more appreciated is the level of detail put into set design, cinematography and the care with which the actors told their characters’ stories, bridging the gap between the screen and the audience. Tina Mba is an amazing actor that embodies her characters, Halimat Olarewaju and Tunde Azeez bring an A-game to the table that makes you believe that the industry is a nurturing ground for child talent, and Gregory Ojefua, Brutus Richard, Lucy Ameh, Blessing Samuel, Jay Franklyn Jituboh and Amarachukwu Onoh were strong supporting characters in an industry that ignores supporting roles more often than not.

Big Kudos to Ifeoma Nkiruka Chukwuogo the producer/director and editor of this 21 minute riveting clip. Click below to watch the short:


Watch Now: Fascinating Short Film – Bariga Sugar
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