Film Review – Justice League

Spoiler Alert!!!

Remember how Thor wielded the hammer so hard back when he went sparring in the woods with Iron Man and Captain America? Brethren, Odinson does not put it down anywhere near as hard as the new god, Steppenwolf does in DC’s “Justice League.” But Darkseid’s general a.k.a the ender of worlds (quite a ring to it, that) is not the only good thing about “Justice League”, in a world longing for the age of heroes to return.

Wonder Woman still has that regal vintage going for her; which has earned her (read: the studios) much love around the world (read: the box office), and she is complemented quite nicely by The Flash’s funny bordering on adorable personality. Meanwhile, Aquaman works just about right for the film, just as the scenes of Atlantis bode well for when a standalone film for Arthur Curry reels off the production line in future.

Then there’s Victor Stone whose part human, part machine contribution to the League is well done in my view – stiff at first then easing to things eventually. He’s not the finished article but there’s potential there.

Now, where Cyborg is easing in, billionaire caped crusader, Batman seems to be easing out seeing as we get to know at one point that he’s been keeping watch over Gotham for 20 long years and at another point that he’s becoming too old for this inter-galactic action after being heavily battered. Bruce bruised (Don’t bite me, please).

But there’s Steppenwolf to deal with and Batman, initially not knowing who or what exactly the threat is, goes around to bring together the heroes needed to repel the latest threat at making the globe flat in ruin.

Getting Diana Prince on board wasn’t going to be hard, same for Barry Allen. Curry becomes convinced only after Steppenwolf has attacked Atlantis for a Mother Box while Cyborg is convinced by Wonder Woman … sort of.

Bringing us to arguably the most enjoyable part of the film – the resurrection of Superman as inspired by Batman. The others, since they have actual superhuman abilities, get to the Kryptonian’s initial homage ground first and realize Clarke Kent has no recollection of who he is or who they are, automatically making them threats.

So a fight breaks out and Superman basically hands each of them their asses. Aquaman and Cyborg stand no chance against him, The Flash can’t exactly (and amusingly) outdo him for speed and when Wonder Woman comes to head (literally) with him, we get to realize how much good Clarke Kent’s hibernation did for him.

Batman, in all his human-ness, finally arrives to contain what he’s just unleashed. Superman tosses him aside like broken toothpick in no time but Bats already played his card just before, so it’s all good eventually.

And with Superman finally in their corner, the Justice League fly off to face Steppenwolf whose heartlessness has no restraint – there’s a point he rips a leg off Cyborg and a handful of times he really goes in on Aquaman and Wonder Woman.

But that’s as good as it got for the bad guy here, for when Superman turns up eventually for the final showdown, we see why our villain was wary of finding any Kryptonian on earth.

Now, on one hand, Steppenwolf falling so easily to Superman was a let-down, but on the other hand, Superman handing this imposing, other-worldly bully his ass was quite enjoyable to watch. In the end, it’s only right it ends that way because this bunch would have to be THAT good to put up a fight against Darkseid inevitably.

For that, DC can be optimistic about “Justice League” as it is quite enjoyable – the dialogue is commendable too. There’s just the average transition from one scene to another for a chunk of the film to deal with.

If it’s any consolation, we see Green Lanterns in the film too as well as Wonder Woman’s daddy, Zeus. But these form another let down by the film; it tries too hard to fit in as many plots and characters without stretching for as long as “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.”

As a result, “Justice League” gets a good 7.5 out of 10 because there’s room for improvement. Well and cos it’s a better film than Thor Ragnarok, yeah, bite me.

P.S. There’s two post credit scenes so don’t rush off after watching.

Film Review – Justice League


  1. Kagan

    27th January 2018 at 1:30 pm

    I agree with the review… For justice league… I might just bite you for saying it was better than Ragnarok. Please send me your physical address… I want to come and fight you.

    • tmpencil

      23rd February 2018 at 7:13 pm

      Lol!!!!! Physical address loading! Abeg it was better than Thor Ragnarok!

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