Film Review – Potato Potahto

Have you ever been in a failed relationship?

I have, a few, and if I’m honest, all I want to do after one is face front, cut ties, and move on. No time! As some people would say.

It thus seemed rather odd that a couple who went through a nasty divorce would make the decision to share living premises – out of spite. Then again, odd things occur in real life every day, more so in film where ‘any and every’, is allowed. The situation does set the stage for a fun narrative in Potato Potahto; the latest feature film from award winning Ghanaian Director Shirley Frimpong-Manso (SFM).

Co-produced by Ascend Studios, 19 April Entertainment Virgo Sun Ltd and Lufodo Productions, Potato Potahto reconnects O.C Ukeje and Joselyn Dumas in their second SFM lead pairing since 2014’s Love or Something Like That. This time though, their joined by a slightly bigger support cast in the likes of Joke Silva, Blossom Chukwujekwu, Lala Akindoju, Chris Attoh, Adjetey Anang, Victoria Michaels and Nikki Samonas.

While I’m sure you can guess why two people who supposedly hate each other would choose to live together and probably know how the story would play out, the road to the expected conclusion provides a few solid moments and a number of humorous situations for a pleasant trip.

O.C. Ukeje continually proves himself as an actor with few peers, and Joselyn (oh Joselyn) is a pleasure to watch on screen – embodying uptight like a turtle embodies its shell. Joke Silva is my kind of mother in law. Always with her own motive, pushing the right pressure points and giving adequate space to avoid being intrusive.

As for the remainder of the support cast, they range from forgettable to OK. With Chris Attoh standing out from the lot, well until he messes up as well in that one scene. Yes, there’s that one scene that aids the narrative but doesn’t do much for the experience of Potato Potahto; I’m certain anyone who has seen it/will see it shall be able to point to that one scene. Otherwise, it’s a good watch.

The comedy is not forced (well mostly), the flow is not rushed, the shots are mostly beautiful, the score is exquisite and O.C. delivers a very witty performance with some heavy lifting (literally), bringing him back to his baby boy roots after his last outing in Walter Banger’s The question though is, would I recommend Potato Potahto? I would. Barring all flaws, it’s actually a nice story executed mostly well. It’s a plus for Naija-Ghanaian collaborations (as we spend too much time in twitter wars), and it fits into the fun watch a lot of cinema going audience enjoy; without being entirely stupid.

P.S. O.C also sang the soundtrack! Check it out below

Potato Potahto hits cinemas on Friday 24 November 2017 in Nigeria and South Africa then Ghana on 30 November 2017.

Film Review – Potato Potahto
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