Film Review – Equalizer 2 manages to be an OK action film

Denzel Washington returns in Equalizer 2 as Robert McCall, an ex-CIA ‘bad-ass’ now living a quiet life as a Lyft driver in Massachusetts. He spends a good amount of his driving time observing his passengers, sometimes dishing advice during rides and other times, playing superhero to those who have been wronged.

For the sequel, Denzel stars alongside notable characters like long time CIA friend Susan Plummer played by Melissa Leo, her husband played by Orson Bean, Miles played by Ashton Sanders and Dave York played by Pedro Pascal (Oberyn Martell in GOT season 4).

The plot of this movie offers very little freshness in terms of storytelling, it’s mainly an action movie centered on revenge and redemption. Unfortunately the story takes its sweet time and is very slow paced, meaning one has to relax and let the story unfold like a proper drama. In all honesty, one may wonder what the plot line is after 30minutes of screen time, personally, I really didn’t care for some of it.

Nonetheless, once the main story got into gear, the movie became a roller-coaster onward. The acting was really good, I mean it’s Denzel Washington; I can watch that man play any role and observing him transition from his vigilante persona to the loving father figure to Miles (a pivotal character in the film) was great to watch. There was this emotional scene in the movie between the both of them that made me want to call my Dad, Denzel definitely brought out that killer father’s love for Miles.

While the above relationship was a pleasant watch, it would have been nice for Director Antoine Faqua to develop the relationship between Denzel and Melissa more, in order to allow the audience appreciate her death and the levels to Rebert MCCall’s revenge. Maybe a few minutes showing how close they were or even a flash back story with dialogue would have helped to make me care about their relationship.

Whatever the case, Equalizer 2 is an action movie that delivers on the action. The delivery of the action sequences makes for a fun watch, the gruesome nature reminds me of the Punisher video game and it was so much fun watching some squeamish female audience members react to the action.

The movie however ends on a low. The final confrontation was too easy in my opinion. And we all know that villain showdowns define just how amazing a ‘superhero’ film is.

Equalizer 2 is an OK watch. Denzel delivers on a good sequel and makes the movie enjoyable to watch. It’s a fun summer watch but it’s not a movie you would remember for a long time or one you would want to see over and over.

Review Guest Written by Aboladele

Film Review – Equalizer 2 manages to be an OK action film
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