The MoviePencil Ratings System

Hello all, and welcome to the unveiling of the new MoviePencil Ratings System.

It uses different pencil shades (ranging from the very light ‘2H’ pencil to the

very dark ‘2B’ pencil) in rating our favourite and not-so-favourite movies.

Do take some time to acquaint yourself with them.




Ignore this if you value your brain cells…
Remember, you will NEVER get these hours of your life back.







This movie is seen at your own risk….
We urge you to consider watching something else.







Errm…. Ok, this was not so bad. You should try it out.







Make a date to watch this, it will be worth your ₦.







2B – Spread the word…. This is a must see!





We hope you find them very useful in our upcoming reviews! Cheers.

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