Safe House

When watching a Denzel Washington movie, one expects to be wowed with fine acting and Safe house does not disappoint on this one bit. Kudos to the makers for the Denzel – Ryan pairing also, they do make a great team.

[toggle title=”Plot/Production“]The plot of the movie wasn’t really something new or exciting (in fact, it fell in line with the basic conspiracy theory type movies) neither was the production, which was a little dull albeit well done. The difference here was the portrayal; the way the acting took me from one level to another starting up all action with no care in the world and ending up all emotional letting the audience into the deep reasons behind all the happenings.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Cast“]Tobin Frost played by Denzel Washington

My man Denzel uses Safe House to re-iterate why I respect him as an actor. The first opinion one gets is shady character which evolves to very smart calculated one which in turn evolves to determined man with a worthy mission.

He plays the role of a guy who has to be steps ahead of a very powerful adversary so effortlessly and so skilfully that you can’t help but love the character and his mind games at the end of the movie. This is acting at its best, just plain wonderful! The character carries you through the motions, arrogant and cocky, manipulative and determined, to vulnerable with a good heart.

Matt Weston played by Ryan Reynolds

For someone who acts a lot of romantic comedies and the disaster that was green lantern, I was really eager to see Ryan act the action hero.

He starts off seemingly out of place and lacking experience then gets thrown into a game levels higher than his novice skill but boom! under pressure he explodes. The initial car chasing sequence was just it for me; the sudden switch from cowering agent to fearless individual even giving Denzel a run for his ‘action’. LOL! Now that was impressive.

David Barlow played by Brendan Gleeson

Where Safe House fails to impress is here. There are too few characters really involved to keep the audience guessing as to which character is the ‘unknown’ man behind all wrong doings and I’m sure most people already had him pegged as the one; I know I did.

Apart from the above title of unknown, there was really nothing special about this character.

Catherine Linklater played by Vera Farmiga

Another not so impressive character that gets offed in such a boring manner, she spends most of her screen time being an average agent. I think the screen writers put most of the smart in Denzel’s character which rubbed off on Ryan’s character leaving very little smart left to go round for all subsequent characters.

Supporting Cast

Notable mention should be given to Vargas played by Fares Fares. I’ll give him the ‘E’ for effort and determination but as his information was leaked to him by the CIA all through his game of cat and mouse, I’ll have to end my compliments here. Yes he had the brute force, but he was out smarted at every turn even with all the help he had.

All other cast members played the background quite well but till the very end, this movie belonged to Denzel and Ryan.[/toggle]

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