Review: Last flight To Abuja.

The Last Flight To Abuja is movie about a plane crash, plain and simple. Or is it?

It depicts a set of Nigerian travelers who board the last Flamingo Airways flight scheduled to fly from Lagos to Abuja on a fateful Friday night in 2006. The plane ride starts off on an awesome note but suddenly everything is in chaos and the plane is on a crash course.


I admire the originality in the plot even as it tries to portray real life occurrences. The director was able to give us an admirable plot and the flashback sequences were a good addition. Where it failed for me was that the story dwelled too much on the passengers and not so much on the reason for the crash.  I mean it was the Last Flight to Abuja, abi beko?


It’s amazing how well Nigerian movies have improved when it comes to the technical quality of the films we make and Last Flight does not disappoint. The picture quality, camera angles and lighting was really done well but the inner plane scenes were quite disappointing.

Not only was the plane really tiny, even before the plane took off people were busy fanning themselves, Kai. And wait o, was it not 3 air hostesses we saw at the airport? Did the remaining two go and take a nap after they boarded?

The post-production in my opinion was also quite average. The Editing wasn’t up to par as too many mistakes could be spotted on first viewing and it’s amazing that another movie blogger was able to spot 19 of those mistakes which you can view by clicking here.  It is this same Editing that AMAA nominated for Achievement In Editing. I will not talk plenty.



This may have been due to the delivery by the actors but I found myself wondering what the actors were trying to portray with their dialogue. Everything they were saying just seemed to lack depth and seemed too unbelievable for me. I repeat this may be because of the delivery by the actors but I just could not connect with all their grammar.


As Average as it gets. I mean c’mon how fake can the acting in a movie get?

Everybody decided to carry accents on their head in this film, even Oga football player, does he not watch interviews of the people that have gone ahead of him? Most of them no fit speak English like that o.

I really have no problem with the accents though as long as it manages to be consistent throughout.  As I was watching, some actors were moving from being British to Irish then sporting a blend of Hausa/Yoruba/Ibo accents like someone who just arrived from a mixed breed village. By the way what was all the excitement about going to Abuja? It’s not like they were going to Obudu ranch or some exotic place; abi Abuja don turn Seychelles wey I no know?

The delivery of the lines in this movie was also so, so mechanical; it lacked emotion and I found myself laughing at some scenes that were supposed to portray seriousness or enable me connect as a member of the audience; not to mention (which I’m mentioning) all the errors in the content of their speech, ‘I mean Sola why do you only do this to me???’ Ok o, Oga Jim, I hear you.

Funny thing, the actors I liked the most were Hakeem and the Female Co-Pilot.

*** I hear this movie has 5 nominations at the AMAAs. I hope they didn’t have any acting nominations?!!!


Even though I commend the director on the plot, I believe he did an average job directing this movie. If the actors are not delivering what you want as a director, it’s your job to get them to!!! So if I have a problem with the actors, it means the director didn’t do an entirely good job directing. It didn’t help that all the fancy gadgets in this film were not available in 2006 or that he chose not to close all the loops in the story allowing us end the film with questions than when we went in. (Not good questions I may add).

But as I said before, it wasn’t all bad as he did a commendable job, but I hope to see more effort in future projects.


The musical score was impressive and I’m sure a lot of folks liked the scene were we are introduced to the Crew of the flight. If you didn’t, let me know in the comments.


All in all, Last Flight to Abuja was a good watch. It had its highs and Lows but at the end of the day it shows the level of improvement we are making in our local movie industry and the increased efforts in creativity by our movie makers.

If you’ve seen it, what did you think? If you haven’t, you can get it on DVD now and decide for yourself if the Last Flight To Abuja should have crash landed some where other than your screen.

 Final Score: 6.0
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1 Comment

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