Film Review – God Calling: A movie about faith, with many unanswered questions.

Teary mourning, a death-wish leading to an exceptionally well shot suicide attempt off Third Mainland Bridge, strange calls from heaven: these are snippets of the plot behind the movie ‘God Calling’ that one is exposed to in its captivating trailer. There’s no need for a hard guess that it’s a faith based film, but beyond that there are still valid reasons to be at the Cinema to experience the movie unfold. Wanting to know the facts of the story is one – the narrative, the characters and their different roles in the plot. Another is probably to figure out why ‘God’ has decided to use the iPhone as his medium of communication for this particular call.

Sade (Zainab Balogun), a young woman living a life of wealth and bliss, with no need for an anchor in the form of faith (as she believed), is suddenly tossed into a whirlwind by the events in her life – a storm so intense that she grapples with all that means worth to her. Amidst this storm, she gets shocking calls from “God”, who is hell bent on reaching her via any means possible. Big Baba J even dials her iPhone patiently, using the simple caller I.D. ‘God’ – not ‘I AM’, not ‘King of Kings’, not even ‘Jehovah.’ Simply, ‘God.’ But how is it possible that a man who doesn’t exist is trying to have a conversation with Sade? And even if he exists, would Sade not be wary of Yahoo boys trying to scam her with these calls?

Some answers are revealed in the movie but a lot is left unanswered by BB Sosare, the writer and director. To see the movie like he would have imagined, you might have to unbother yourself with the unanswered questions and focus on the bright aspects of the movie. This includes the elite acting on display – most especially the performance of child actor Diana Egwuatu, the chemistry between Zainab and Karibi and the exchanges between Papa and Mama Francis, played by Nkem Owoh and Onyeka Onwenu. Despite the sorrow and excessive crying on display, the performances, music, cinematography and visual effects on display are sure to make your heart swell with happiness.

Edwin Markham might have envisioned the life of Sade when he made the statement: “choices are the hinges of destiny.” The movie makes some sense of this point: we make plans but life brings other compelling options. Unfortunately, the film never tells us in much detail what exactly God was Calling to say, but if you are a student of the Holy Book, you would know that this is a prime example of his M.O. obey first and I’ll let you know the rest as we move along.

Summarily, God Calling is a tale of faith that will rejuvenate the beliefs of people of faith, while it will resound some of the questions of others. There’s not many of its kind on the big screen and it’s a welcome development for Nollywood.


Oluwatobi Ibironke is a writer with a keen interest in conversations about entertainment, politics and all that shapes the society. He is particular about the power of story-telling, so he lets it reflect in his style of writing. His publications include ThisDayLive, TheSunNewspaper, PulseNG, TooXclusive. He lives in Lagos, Nigeria.
Film Review – God Calling: A movie about faith, with many unanswered questions.
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